UpDownAir Systems Expands Product Offerings

Once in a great while, a brand is so well connected with the community it serves that it has the power to say, “To hell with the rule book; we’re changing the entire game.” It’s true of companies like UTV Underground and Fab Fours, and that entrepreneurial spirit is indicative of UpDownAir Systems as well.

Founded by automotive aftermarket pioneer Scott Poncher—former owner of ReadyLIFT—the concept behind the company is rooted in shattering a manually inefficient, time-consuming task while off-roading. The company’s on-board air delivery system is unlike anything else on the market and allows users to inflate or deflate all four tires simultaneously, at the flip of a switch. It removes all guesswork and delivers results quickly and accurately.

“We found the part most often ignored is the tuning of the tires when taking it off road. Think about it, many [off-roaders] tune shocks and suspension but don’t spend an ounce of time tuning tires. And that’s the great thing about our product. It allows you to tune the tires to perform at their max, whether in sand, crawling over rocks, or whatever the terrain. We give you the ability to have all four tires set to the pressure you need for that environment and do so quickly and easily. That’s a leg up for the entire off-road community,” said Poncher in Ode to JK: Final Jeep Wrangler JK Rolls off the Assembly Line.

Designed for Off-Roaders, By Off-Roaders

Each system is a hand-crafted unit that’s precision cut per application. UpDownAir Systems set its original sights on the 07-18 Jeep® Wrangler JK and second-generation Raptor platforms. To Poncher, the JK is a core customer—both present day and well into the future. But if you know Poncher, and we do, there is no ceiling for the product’s potential.

Production of the JK may be kaput, but profit potential is far from dried up. Indeed, second and third vehicle ownership are set to provide another generation of sales revenue.

“Dialing in and airing up with one central device to ensure exact tire pressure is going to be the new norm soon,” said Poncher. “As experts in air management systems, we have plans to expand our applications and opportunities in adjacent markets. We are going to innovate the market, continue to evolve, and offer proper tire pressure solutions for off-roaders—no matter where they go, on- or off-road,” he continued.

Easy to Install, Easy to Use

In a previous write-up about UpDownAir Systems, Engine Block contributor Kris Lavery explained how a few easy steps will save off-roaders a lot of time and aggravation.

“Simply connect four provided short whips to your tire valve stems and then to the installed hi-flow valves near each tire. With the Air It Up controller and your choice of ARB or VIAIR compressors, you are 100% self-sufficient at the flip of a switch,” said Lavery. “The controller and bracket mount under the hood can exactly set your tire pressure to all four tires at the same time. The complete kit includes a built-in pressure gauge and regulator, and a handy pouch in which to store the whips.”

Growing with Growing Markets

UpDownAir is making good on its expansion promise, recently releasing a JL-specific application. “There’s been a big change in terms of positioning an air compressor on a JL vs a JK. Putting an air system under the engine compartment is virtually impossible in the JL because of space, but we got creative with a unique mounting solution that is currently patent-pending,” said Poncher. “Whether someone buys the full air management system or not, the brackets can be purchased separately to mount in various areas. So, you see, this isn’t necessarily a one-dimensional product line—we’re solving multiple problems,” he continued.

The company has accomplished quite a lot in a mere few years, don’t you think? It has the JK and second-gen Raptor markets fully covered. It’s capitalized on a much-needed air compressor mounting solution for the JL. It has been busy carving out a spot for itself in the UTV market. And most impressively? UpDownAir Systems is planning to offer universal applications, effectively cementing the company and its product as a true game changer.

Like we said, no ceiling for their potential.

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