Off-Road Market Expands, Fab Fours at the Helm of JL Product Development

Fact: the off-road market is a distant relative compared to previous generations. Those who have been immersed in this activity long enough certainly witnessed the transition from a heyday of technical rock crawling to the rise of the street Jeep, versatile side-by-sides, incredibly fast and powerful buggies, andthe latest monkey in the middle—mainstream exploitation of overlanding (which we’ll get to in a later post).

Things Change

As we stated back in February, “Mother Nature is as appealing as ever to traverse, and yet the current off-road landscape is night and day when compared to years prior. Many of the trails remain the same, but accessibility to them certainly has been restricted. Seven-Slot Nation still holds the heavyweight title, 4×4 clubs remain a common sight around town, and the off-road accessories business is healthier than ever. However, today’s consumers, their expectations, and what they drive are in stark contrast to the traditional 4×4 crowd running stick-shift CJs, old Broncos, and purpose-built Land Cruisers.”

Nowadays, many events focus on show-and-shine rather than hardcore wheeling, and are held at family-friendly destination locations like Daytona Jeep Beach, Smokey Mountain Jeep Invasion, Maryland Jeep Beach, Jeep Jam, as well as Camp Northern Lights Annual Charity Trailfest and the Canada Jeep Show in Ontario.

With Change Comes Growth

The release of the Jeep Wrangler JK back in 2007 caused an undisputed shift in the dynamics of the off-roading community. The persona of the driver changed as much as the vehicle itself. The new movement became less about wrenching in the driveway with buddies and a case of beer, and more about attracting new blood into the market by opening doors to a broader demographic. 

Fab Fours cut its teeth in this space, with a line of premium USA-made truck and Jeep products that look as good as they perform; the kind of products that inspire others to become part of the same movement. It was a bold risk at first, but owner and CEO of Fab Fours, Greg Higgs, said now it allows him to invest heavily in R&D, consistently increase sales, and regularly give back at renowned events like Trail Hero.

While many traditionalists have a tendency to turn their noses up at the brand’s incredible appeal to negatively-dubbed “Mall Crawlers,” only a fool could deny the unwavering commitment Higgs has to the aftermarket. An outlaw in the truck and off-road segment, he made a name for himself by operating on the fringe.

When you are the market leader, there is nothing but blank space in front of you. Competitors are watching our moves, while we are out creating the future–exactly where I want to be, said Higgs.

Jeep Wrangler JL – Fab Fours Product Development

With high risk, comes high reward. Now an industry leader with a brand name that’s cemented in JK history, Fab Fours is applying that same creative ingenuity and high-quality engineering to Jeep Wrangler JL product development. “The JL is a new breed of Jeep and it had to have some new parts. So, we looked at that canvas and said, ‘What can we do? Start from scratch, and there you have it,'” said Higgs.

Anyone can copycat—few can innovate. To stay relevant in an ever-expanding sea of offerings, it’s best to be leading the pack. Something we have no doubt Fab Fours will continue to do for years to come. Check out the videos for a glimpse at new JL products from Fab Fours!

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