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A Worldwide Community

There are a million reasons people buy Jeep Wranglers. Their timelessness and performance are the stuff of legends. Jeeps are the direct descendants of the rigs America’s greatest generation rode to victory in World War II. They can tackle whatever terrain is in front of them, be it the side of a steep mountain or a flooded city street. They have summertime in their DNA. Go on, pull the top and doors off in mid July and just try to have a bad time riding around in a Wrangler.

And perhaps more than any other vehicle in history, Wranglers come with a built in sense of community. Hell, complete strangers throw out the Jeep wave as a sign of group camaraderie. Wrangler message boards and forums are some of the highest-traffic places on the automotive web. Mechanical advice, build advice, aftermarket part advice, the Wrangler Universe is more than happy to help. Drivers post pictures of their JKs, TJs, YJs, and even CJs the same way proud Facebook parents show off their children. Some individual Jeeps have Instagram followings numbering in the hundreds of thousands.

And this camaraderie is found all across the globe. Virtually everywhere that Wranglers exist, so do clubs of owners who love them just as much as you do. They meet up, they party, they drive. There are more Wrangler clubs than can be counted, but here are just a few examples of the variety of these far flung associations, ready and willing to meet up and ride with you.

Jeep Jamboree USA (JJUSA)

One of the largest national Wrangler organizations (if not the largest), this group is responsible for the famed Jeep Jamborees happening year-round all across the country. JJUSA dates all the way back to 1953, when the first Jamboree traversed the Sierra Nevadas via the Rubicon Trail. The following year, Willys Motors (Jeep vehicles then-manufacturer) became involved, and the clubs activity has only grown since. Jamborees are typically two-day off-road adventures, with levels of expertise ranging from novice to expert, and even a veterans’ category. Find out more about this nationwide phenomenon at their website.

Military Jeepers

Speaking of veterans, this online club exclusively serves those Wrangler lovers who have served their country. Military Jeepers formed online in 2007 and originates from Fort Belvoir in Virginia. The only stipulations for membership? You guessed it: you must have served in the US military, and you must own a Jeep. The club has multiple chapters nationwide.

Northeast Jeep Organization

Also know as NE Jeep, this 21-and-older Wrangler club has been around since 2004. Though incorporated in Connecticut, this group has members all over the northeastern United States. More concerned with quality participating members than simply large enrollment numbers, NE Jeep goes on monthly organized trail rides. The group counts among its basic tenets a respect for nature and the practice of responsible wheeling.

Lone Star Jeep Club

Though based in Dallas, TX, Lone Star Jeep’s membership is so large and geographically diverse that they now hold events in neighboring states like New Mexico, Arkansas, and even Colorado. They offer a family atmosphere and events for all experience levels. With humble beginnings, this massive club started out in 1997 with just a few Wrangler owners. LSJC has a wealth of knowledge online about their adventures, workshops, tech and build advice, as well as non-off-road events and get-togethers.

NYC Jeep Club

If you think Wrangler clubs are solely the domain of backwoods country folk, you think wrong. And NYC Jeep Club is here to prove it. With their home base in Queens, NYC, this group dedicates itself to getting out of the big city and kicking up a little mud. NYC Jeep started a group of friends riding dirt bikes who graduated to some old used Wranglers. Once they saw how vast the Jeep aftermarket universe truly is they were hooked. Builds and lifts and improvements became their obsession. Incorporated online in late 2010, this club is open to all Jeepers in the five boroughs and Long Island, and dedicates itself to sharing information on hard-to-find local trails to run.

City Slickers 4×4

And for the urban Wrangler set on the left coast, City Slickers 4×4 has you covered. They aim at those Jeep lovers who envy the Jeeps they see online and on TV, tearing up muddy country trails while they ease down city streets. Not just for Wranglers, this club encourages meet ups and rides for all 4×4 owners who long to get a little less urbane and let it rip in the wilderness. The group meets the first Tuesday of every month in Los Angeles.

Arctic Offroad

Alaska, The Last Frontier. And few vehicles can tackle a frontier like a Wrangler. Formed on Eielson Air Force base, Arctic Offroad’s membership requirements are more stringent than most. Joining this elite team requires a period as a prospect and meeting attendance before attaining full membership. Minimum annual requirements for meeting and ride attendance must also be met to stay in good standing. Privileges in their online forums also increase as members rise up the military-style rank and file of the club. To learn more about this Seal Team Six of the Wrangler world, check out their website.

Keystone Off Road Club

This popular organization, based in Lewistown, PA, is open to all 4×4 vehicles. K.O.R.C. has a vast membership, with six chapters across the state. Some chapters even have their own private land to wheel on.

South Florida Jeep Club

A Jeeps-only club located near Miami, this family-friendly bunch boasts something for everyone. And with camping, wheeling, barbecues, and a vast online community, they make the most of the sunshine in the Sunshine State. You can easily find them on Facebook and Instagram, of check out their online forum.

Jeep Wrangler Forum

Not an official Wrangler club per se, but this enormous online community of Jeepers is the first and last source for all things Wrangler on the internet. With a community of friendly owners, message boards cover every question, problem, or topic you can possibly think of. And with their super-easy-to-use smartphone app, the knowledge and support of the whole Jeep Wrangler community is never more than a few clicks away. Sign up, your new friends await.

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