Warrior Products JK MOD Rack is as Good Lookin’ as It is Versatile

You might remember us talking up Warrior Products’ JK MOD Rack awhile back. Well, with the winter Jeep Jamboree coming up and plenty of snow-bound trail rides on the schedule, we felt a passing mention just wasn’t enough. (Plus those JL prices are staying stubbornly high, #amirite?) The magic of Christmas may be in the gift-giving, but we all know the essence of the New Year lies in adopting that Treat Yo’self lifestyle. So, let’s spend some time gushing over the JK MOD Rack and why it should be part of your 2019 off-road resolutions.

Warrior Products JK MOD Rack

Offering unparalleled strength and functionality, Warrior Products is not exaggerating when it says this is “the most versatile roof rack in the aftermarket.” As one of the newer additions to the company’s Jeep accessory lineup, it’s also clearly the most multi-purpose, offering innumerable options for load carrying and equipment mounting.

Easy to Install

With over 20 years of American production under its belt, Warrior Products knows the value of quality. And the JK MOD Rack is no exception. Constructed of black-powder coated steel, this unique configuration is 100% designed, manufactured, and welded in the USA. The 57.5” x 51.25” heavy-duty platform fits 2007-2018 4-door JK models, and is easy to install, using existing factory frame and A-pillar holes for mounting. There is absolutely no drilling or cutting required.

Easy to Use

Better yet, the JK MOD Rack is compatible with both hard or soft tops and gives complete access to the freedom panels, meaning they can be removed even with the rack and platform installed. So there’s no need to disturb your gear when you’re ready for a little fresh air.

Warrior Products JK MOD Rack carries your gear and looks good doing it.

Speaking of gear, Warrior’s MOD Rack offers a massive load capacity for even the heaviest cargo. When all those sweet winter wheelin’ opportunities present themselves, you won’t have to worry about leaving a buddy behind just so you can squeeze those few extra items on board. Plus, the accessory mounting system built into the side rails will keep that essential recovery gear—like shovels, axes and jacks—safe and sound during off-road shenanigans.

Easy to Customize

The unit itself is designed to directly accept most universal accessory mounts from big names like Thule and Yakima, meaning the customization opportunities are nearly endless. From bike and ski mounts to roof top tents and awnings, there’s no reason the winter fun needs to stop with the holiday. Nor does the accessory shopping. The JK MOD Rack has a handy integrated wire loom management in the side rail gussets that makes mounting auxiliary lighting and CB radio components a breeze. And the integrated front Air Dam provides an extra surface for light bars and cubes, in addition to increasing aerodynamic efficiency on and off the trail.

Warrior Products JK MOD Rack carries your gear and looks good doing it.

Easy to Repurpose

And just in case all this thoughtful functionality isn’t enough for you, the platform itself is so easy to remove that it can be completely repurposed at a moment’s notice. Use it as an impromptu table when stopping along the trail or even a clothes-drying rack for extended camping visits. Clean your hunting and fishing catches with ease and simply hose it down afterwards. In an emergency, it makes a sturdy stretcher and during the off-season (What off season??) you could use it for some extra storage management in the garage. If you can think of a unique use for it, Warrior Products JK MOD Rack can live up to the task.

Warrior Products

Warrior Products designs and manufacturers quality 4×4 accessories primarily for the Jeep and Toyota markets, with select offerings for other popular off-road and overlanding vehicles. The company sports a truly impressive catalog of premium-grade products that serve both old and new models with excellent performance and adventurous good looks. The company crafts each of its products with a commitment to quality, integrity, innovation, and service, backed by a competitive warranty and enthusiast-grade love for off-roading.

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