SUP? Yakima Paddle Board Racks- That’s What SUP

I have to admit, I had no idea that a Stand Up Paddle board was referred to  by the acronym “SUP”. As popular as this sport has become, I feel like I should have known this. What I do know, is that if you’re wondering what’s up, or rather what SUP with paddle boarding, Yakima has the means to get you going.

Yakima Stand Up Paddle Board Racks

I imagine when folks decide they want to start out on a paddle board, they see it on TV or a friend recommends it, and make a decision to give it a try. They head down to their local sporting goods store and gear up. However, they may be in for a surprise. While SUPs look like surfboards when in use, they’re more like solid kayaks. Like kayaks, they really require a good, safe roof rack to secure them in transit. Yakima has been the industry leader in getting active people to and from their activities, carrying as much gear and as many friends as possible.


SHOWDOWN  is a load-assist rack, the first of it’s kind, for both kayaks and SUPs. Load-assist racks drop down the side of your vehicle, making it so much easier to load and unload heavy boats and boards. SHOWDOWN drops 2′ from the heigh of the roof rack! While only weighing 21 lbs. SHOWDOWN is impressively strong. It can hold up to an 80 lb. load. Showdown is suited for a single kayak, but can handle two large paddle board. It folds down neatly to reduce drag and noise when not in use, and includes tie down straps. SKS lock cores are available also.

Paddle Board
SHOWDOWN – (Part #8004081 ) Drops 2′ for easy loading and unloading


Like the SHOWDOWN, SUPDAWG can hold 2 SUP boards(up to 36″ wide). It mounts to standard rooftop crossbars and features integrated rollers for easy loading and includes SKS locks. SUPDAWG weighs only 14 lbs, and is fully assembled and ready to install without tools, right out of the box. You can go from bored to board pretty darn quick with SUPDAWG (Part # 8004075).

Paddle Board


Perhaps your vehicle came with a “naked” roof. If you dont have crossbars currently and don’t want the expense or hassle of installing them, check out EasyTop (8007418) from Yakima. EasyTop can strap on top of most any vehicle to carry up to 80 lbs. of gear. This instant roof rack is a great solution for someone that didn’t purchase a vehicle that was fully ready for adventure.

EasyTop securees easily through door frames with integrated straps, and has a double-latching buckle for instant security.


So, now you know what SUP, and what’s up. Now, I know you know what time it is. Its time to paddle that beautiful bay or peaceful pond you’ve been pondering. Get a yourself a Yakima Paddle Board rack, bring your gear, and bring more friends.

School of Rack

Check out this fun, instructional video on Yakima Boat Racks!

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