Warrior Products: Keeping the Oldies Alive and Wheelin’

The value of older model vehicles in off-road adventures cannot be overstated. Capable, durable, and blissfully simple, many were born of a time unfettered with confusing tech and delicate comfort features. Easy to wrench, easy to operate, and easy to upgrade, they represent all that is pure in off-roading.

And, sure, the Jeep Wrangler continues to reign supreme. And sure, everyone is excited to see the new JL builds and innovative products that dropped at SEMA and beyond. But I ask you, what about the other guys?

The “other” veterans.

The old CJs and YJs still crawling rocks. Vintage Toyotas that just refuse to die or plucky little Samurais that zip through paths in the deep backwoods. What about those Cherokee XJs climbing past the 150,000-mile mark and bumping along the trails? Still capable, still durable, and still blissfully simple, these vehicles are all well-represented at off-road and overlanding events across the country. So, where’s the celebrations for them? The hoopla over new product releases?

Tulatin, Oregon—that’s where. More specifically, at the headquarters of Warrior Products.

Who is Warrior Products?

Founder and President of Warrior Products, Tom Richardson, first got his feet wet in the off-road industry by opening a repair shop that focused on off-road vehicles. It didn’t take long for him to discover a glaring hole in the market. His customers didn’t just want repairs; they wanted high-quality and stylish accessories for their Jeeps, trucks, and SUVs—both old and new. So, that’s what he did. In 1992, Warrior Products launched its first line of shackles and hitches, eventually transitioning into Jeep accessories.

Fabrication wasn’t new to Richardson, who often relied on his metal-working skills during his drag racing days. And if there’s one thing drag racing and off-roading have in common, it’s the need for strong, dependable parts that can withstand torture from their drivers.

Luckily, Warrior Products is 100% committed to quality and innovation, manufacturing every single one of its products right here in the States. And the people who work for it? They’re just as passionate as you are, which means true customer service and excellent product knowledge.

So, what kinda products we talkin’?

Warrior Products designs and manufactures 4×4 accessories primarily for the Jeep and Toyota markets, as well as a few other popular off-road vehicles, and sports a truly impressive catalog serving both old and new models. The company also has plenty of universal products—“designed to be sold to the customer willing to ‘make it fit,’” as Warrior says. (Amen for honesty.)

Warrior Products has a robust lineup of off-road accessories for all YMM.


From bumpers to side steps, lighting accessories to mounting solutions, body armor to rack systems, Warrior has a heavy-duty, off-road-ready product for that rig.

Last year, the company dropped some surrious side armor for the JK, sporting a rigid construction and intimidating design. (You can read more of our gushing here.) This year, Warrior Products launched a truly unique JK MOD Rack as the newest addition to its Jeep accessory line. With a massive load capacity and uber-strong construction, it can handle all your gear—and then some. A clever accessory mounting system offers loads of carrying configurations, and an easily-(re)movable platform allows this genius new product to multitask as a table, stretcher, roof top tent mount, rock to build your home on—you name it.

Warrior Products new Jeep MOD Rack offers unparalleled strength and carrying configurations.

Like all Warrior Products, it’s made in the USA of high-quality materials and powder-coated for rust protection. Also new for the Jeep are front and rear fender flares in a variety of finishes and a rear corner license plate mount for TJs and LJs that doubles as a step and CB antenna mount.


For Toyota fans, Warrior recently released steel LED tail lights for the FJ Cruiser. Featuring an inset design, these theft-proof lights require no drilling or cutting to install, and stylishly replace bulky OEM plastic with a rugged, off-road ready tail light housing. And if you’re still wheelin’ with a ‘89-’95 Toyota pickup, Warrior’s got you covered with a new heavy-duty rear bumper upgrade specially designed for these unkillable 4x4s. Designed to improve your departure angle and provide solid recovery points, the bumper sports durable mounts that can even be used as sliders if you happen to drag the bed area while off-roading.

Warrior Products recently released new steel LED taillights for the Toyota FJ. Warrior Products recently released an upgraded Rear Plate Bumper for older model Toyota pickups.

For newer Tacos, Warrior Products now offers easily-adjustable quick-latch shovel and axe mounts. Designed to provide easy storage and access to tools and boat paddles, they fit factory bed channels and are fully lockable. And for smaller items, like jumper cables or recovery straps, pick up a Warrior MOD Box that makes use of the wasted space above the wheel wells.

The Rest of Yas

Truly, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Warrior Products has an entire lineup of body armor, suspension upgrades, roof racks, and more just for the little Samurai. There’s also undercarriage protection for Chevy and GM trucks, a bevy of accessories for Cherokee XJs, and even a brand-new platform roof rack for ‘03 – ‘09 Lexus GX470s.

Warrior Products recently released a brand-new platform roof rack for ‘03 – ‘09 Lexus GX470s. Warrior Products carries an entire product lineup of Suzuki Samurai accessories.

Warrior Products knows the importance of staying at the forefront of product innovation. But it also knows that most wheelers are thrashing older models that have seen some sh*t. And they deserve a little love too, don’t ya think?

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