Up Down Air – Best On-Board Air System EVER!

If “airing down” makes off-roading safer, easier, and more fun, then why the heck don’t more off-roaders do it? The answer is simple. It is a massive pain in the posterior. Who wants to bend over and air up 35″ tires, one by one, after a hot day on the trails or beach? Nobody. Well, consider this problem solved. Up Down Air Systems® launched what this off-roader thinks to be the best on board air system ever, at the 2017 SEMA show. I had the opportunity to take a first hand look last week at the Keystone Automotive BIG Show in Grapevine,TX.


ADS – On Board Air Delivery System

Up Down Air’s Air It Up® system is a game changer, making airing up or down easy, hassle-free and accurate all the time. All four tires are affected simultaneously. Yes, meaning, at the same time. With the vehicle parked, simply connect 4 provided short whips to your tire valve stems and then to the installed hi-flow valves near each tire. With the Air It Up controller and your choice of ARB or VIAIR compressors you are 100% self sufficient, at the flip of a switch.

The controller and bracket mount under the hood can exactly set your tire pressure to all 4 tires at the same time. The complete kit includes a built in pressure gauge and regulator, and a handy pouch in which to store the whips.

Currently kits are available for the 07-18 JK Jeep® Wrangler (and 2nd gen Raptor), allowing for front or rear engine mounting of the controller, and available with or without compressors.

On Board Air


About UDA

Up Down Air is the brainchild of Founder/CEO Scott Poncher. If his name sounds familiar to you, it’s possibly because he’s 3rd generation automotive aftermarket and the former owner of ReadyLIFT. After selling the highly-successful suspension company in 2015, Poncher envisioned enjoying the fresh air on a golf course somewhere. He couldn’t stymie his drive to innovate, and now he’s delivering air in a way never before possible.

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