Post SEMA, a Look at the Fab Fours Crawler Hauler & New Product Lineup

Brilliant, passionate, creative, and hardworking, Greg Higgs has earned the title of a larger-than-life figure in the automotive aftermarket. Equal parts mad genius, off-road enthusiast, and (I swear) superhero, there’s nothing he and the team at Fab Fours can’t do. “As usual, the industry is kind of waiting to see what Fab Fours is up to. We’ve built this reputation to uphold, of really pushing the boundaries for innovation and style,” said Higgs.

Well, wait no longer because the company that prides itself in shock and awe has done it again. This time with their 2018 SEMA build, a work of art put together by the crew at Southern Off-Road Specialists in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Crawler Hauler

Dubbed the “Crawler Hauler,” this pristine RAM 2500 is fully equipped with a 6.7-liter Cummins under the hood. And like any Fab Fours build before it, Crawler Hauler defied preconceived notions heading into SEMA. Then again, that’s what this brand does best.

Could it be… Is that a crawler sitting atop a crazy custom ramp, ingeniously wrapped overhead the truck? No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. And yes, this rig is even more impressive up close and personal.

“The truck maintains its four-door configuration, allowing for up to five occupants,” said Off-Road Xtreme. “Underneath the rack, the truck can store up to four enormous 42-inch tires. There’s also room for spare fuel cans, a floor jack, and a hide-away ramp system to help deploy the rock bouncer. There’s even a full stereo system toward the rear, with speakers installed underneath the ramp system,” continued Off-Road Xtreme.

Lights, camera, action—the latest off-road concoction from Fab Fours proves they have no intentions of resting on their laurels.

But There’s More…

Much more… this handsome hauler isn’t just eye candy. It’s a proxy for the real stars of the show—new products from Fab Fours, like an aggressive off-road tire, customizable wheels, and the world’s largest brake rotor.

All stylish and all functional.

Click on the video link below for a short new product rundown from the man himself, Mr. Greg Higgs.

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