Brand Spotlight: Code 3 Lights the Way to a Brighter (and Safer) Future

Emergency lighting has come a long way from the single-beacon red cherry on top of a mid-century Chevy Bel Air. And while those early models served their purpose, like any technology there was room for innovation. Today’s emergency response vehicles sport everything from roof-mounted LED light bars to siren systems with noise-cancelling microphones. And standing at the forefront of that advancement is Code 3.

Setting the Bar… Literally

For more than 40 years, Code 3 has provided the emergency, fire, and warning markets with a high quality, dependable product line of vehicle lighting and siren systems. Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri with a team of about 200 employees, Code 3 designs and manufactures state-of-the-art products that serve the public safety, municipal, and industrial markets.

The company has grown from its humble beginnings into a world-leading manufacturer. And they’ve done this by maintaining a strict standard of excellence and a focused effort on future design. After all, Code 3 is a part of the 45-year legacy at ECCO Safety Group. This means that the company is a proven leader in safety product design, engineering, testing, manufacturing, and quality control. And with a specialized focus on innovation, safety, and customer service, Code 3 is actively supplying the next generation of optics technology.

In fact, President George Bush visited the Code 3 factory on his campaign trail in 1992, back when it was still called Public Safety Equipment (PSE). He praised the company for its forward-thinking business methods, particularly its achievements in supplying life-saving technology not just in the US market, but abroad as well. “I was told that when the Kuwaitis, their country freed, went back in, that your products helped lead the way and keep the peace,” he said. (Talk about free advertising!)

Show Us the Goods

But enough technical stuff, let’s see these products in action! The video below shows a Ford Police Interceptor at a fleet expo in Memphis, TN. The vehicle is decked out in Code 3 lighting and what’s possible when you move beyond a standard light bar. With lights mounted on the top and bottom grilles, rear windows, along side mirrors, tail lights, and license plate bracket, as well as inside the windshield, this thing lights up like a Christmas tree. Code 3 shows that proper placement of high-performance lighting can provide superior visibility.

Now check out this Harley-Davidson motorcycle! It features an external visor with multicolored headlights, as well as side guard and license bracket mounted lighting.

But why limit yourself? Below is an all-terrain Polaris rocking Code 3’s special treatment. From heavy duty work lights to multi-colored side and visor mounts, this thing is ready for pursuit even in the unlikeliest of places.

“This brand has a formidable reputation as a premium lighting leader in the commercial truck and van segment and is a great addition for supporting our commercial customers,” said Scott Percival, Category Manager. “Keystone’s inventory level and exceptional delivery network will be an important part of servicing Code 3 customers,” he continued. Whether it’s for high-speed pursuit or first-response aid, Code 3 has an innovative product to meet your needs.

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