Keep Going (and Going) with Transfer Flow

Born in Chico, California in 1983, Transfer Flow has a decades-long reputation for offering the best and smartest legal solutions to adding fuel capacity and driving range to a vehicle. And with a variety of options to choose from, everyone looking to have more fuel on board can find the right product for their specific needs.

Both major manufacturers and everyday drivers turn to Transfer Flow with confidence. And in case you’re wondering—yes, all products are American made with the most durable materials to boot. (Think aluminized steel and diamond plating.) What’s more, the company is backed by a top-notch support team and a warranty that’s unsurpassed in its field.

Pick Your Poison

One of the reasons for Transfer Flow’s continued success is its versatility. The sheer number of fuel-transportation options from one stand-alone company is impressive in and of itself. One such option is a high capacity replacement tank. This product doubles the capacity of your vehicle’s original fuel tank without sacrificing bed space or ground clearance.

Another popular choice, the Transfer Flow In-Bed Auxilliary tank, offers drivers up to an astonishing 100 additional gallons of fuel. The patented Trax3 technology automatically transfers fuel to the primary tank as needed, and displays remaining fuel levels in real time.

There are even refueling tanks for gassing your other vehicles and equipment on the go. Meaning, you’ll never need to leave the job—or the fun—to fill up. The toolbox version (available as a refueler or a Trax3 auxilliary tank) integrates the extra fuel into your already busy lifestyle. And of course, every option Transfer flow offers is completely legal everywhere and DOT-certified.

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

Can’t decide if a replacement tank or an auxiliary tank is right for you? Good news, you can install both. BOTH! How much extra fuel is that? It’s a helluva lot of extra fuel. In fact, scientists estimate that the combination of the two tanks can hold enough fuel to actually drive back into the past, where you can install a Transfer Flow tank on your first truck. You know, the hand-me-down rust bucket that ran out of gas that night when you were 17, causing you to miss that date with Carla, the head cheerleader with the side ponytail. (BTW, she ended up marrying some guy years later who didn’t run out of gas.)

So, instead of walking along a winding country road’s gravelly shoulder to the Texaco station nine miles away during a steady October rain in wet socks and painful dress shoes that cut into your ankles until they’re bleeding, swearing and wishing to the gods above that you had a bigger gas tank or some sort of mobile telephone—you now have enough fuel to drive back in time and fix that. Useful, right?

[Editor’s note: While scientific confirmation of time travel is still pending, Transfer Flow can definitely prevent future life-altering catastrophes that come when you run outta gas.]

Show Your Work

Hypothetical science aside, let’s look at some examples of people putting Transfer Flow’s innovative products to the test.

2006 Chevy 2500HD

Four Wheeler Network did a short feature on this purpose-built hunting rig back in 2013 that you can check out here. With a 6.6L Duramax Diesel engine, Dana 60 front axle with leaf springs and “a Detroit Locker for anvil-like reliability,” a custom front bumper, Western cadet flatbed, WARN winch, Defender roof rack, and Hella HID lights, this beast is ready to hit the hunting trail. Owner Vance DeMars added in the 48-gallon Transfer Flow replacement tank for confidence on extended hunting trips in the harsh Nevada desert.

2009 GMC Sierra

Check out this ’09 GMC Sierra that Truck Trend Network says delivers a punch suitable to its Olympic-wrestling, UFC-fighting owner, Dan Henderson. The truck sports an RBP exhaust, RBP RX-II grille, steps, and wheels, Iron Bull front and rear bumpers with Superwinch winches, Defender roof rack, and Rigid Industries LEDs. And of course, a Transfer Flow auxiliary tank tops off the upgrades for extended driving.

2016 RAM 3500 Mega Cab Dualie

This purple-people-eating monster, also featured by Truck Trend, is truly a sight to behold. Both a show truck and daily driver, the RAM features a wild custom paint job, 12-inch Bulletproof Suspension cantilever suspension setup, 40-inch Interco tires with 24-inch American Force wheels, and a host of other upgrades including everything from Bodyguard bumpers to a custom center console. A Transfer Flow fuel tank ensures that the aptly named “Hallowed” truck can travel far and wide entertaining (and possibly frightening) passerby.

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