Top 5 Baddest Cop Cars of All Time

Let’s stop lying to ourselves. Any one of us really involved with the automotive scene has likely wound up on the wrong side of the law before. Although when we were pulled over, it was probably by a cop in a standard issue police interceptor. But while sitting on the shoulder, hoping against all hope that those unpaid parking tickets won’t come up in the system, we’ve all wondered what that cop car could really do against ours. And while many of us instinctively tap the brakes when we see a pair of Crown Vic headlights in our rear view (even though they only get mild tunes at best), what if Johnny Law were driving something a little more… capable? What if their ride was truly the superior one? We’ve found five of the baddest cop cars of all time to give you a little more fuel for the imagination.

Skyjacker Police Build 2017- F350

Police and pursuit vehicles go hand in hand. But when we think of a souped up pursuit vehicle, we typically think of street cars. This one, however, breaks the norm. Skyjacker slapped together this Matchbox Police 2017 F-350, or MBX350 for short, and showcased it at SEMA in 2016. With a Powerstroke under the hood, a camper on the back, and all the utility storage it could handle, it’s safe to say this may be the ultimate police vehicle. Anyone would have a hard time outrunning, outlasting, or outgunning a cop matched up with a beast like this.

Ford Mustang SSP

There are builds and there are veterans. The Ford Mustang SSP was a real life police car that the California Highway Patrol requested Ford produce. The idea was to give officers the ability to chase down the speedier cars that the LTDs and Fairmonts just couldn’t keep up with. By today’s standards this cop car may be an easy one to beat, but in its day this was the car to recon with. Ford even marketed it with the phrase: “This Ford chases Porsches for a living.” An apt motto for one of the baddest cop cars to grace the streets.

Police would have reached out to Chevrolet to get the task done, but they had valvetrain issues that prevented them from keeping up at high speeds. So, all Ford fans can brag a little on this one.

Texas 1005 hp Corvette

We all love a tale of transformation—to see the bad guy come to the light side. Well, in Texas, we were able to see that happen with a modified 2007 Z06 Corvette that the New Braunfels Police Department picked up in a drug bust. Nicknamed “Coptimus Prime,” this 1005-hp ride was given new life as a police outreach tool. Don’t worry about this beast pulling you over though, it’s usually reserved for parades and community events. Still, it makes a pretty strong case for the whole “Don’t mess with Texas.”

Caparo T1 Police Car

Speaking of baddest cop cars, how do you feel about trying to outrun a genuine F1 car? The Caparo T1 is capable of going over 200 mph and can run from 0-60 in 2.5 seconds. Yea, it’s safe to say that if the fuzz had this—they’re going to get you. Luckily, for now, street patrol isn’t armed with this kind of power. The British supercar manufacturer loaned the Caparo to the police department for the Autosport International in Birmingham, UK back in 2015. Much like Texas’ Corvette, this vehicle was used as a form of community outreach—particularly as a way to reach out to younger drivers. It may not be legitimate but how much hardcore can it be than an F1 cop car?

Bugatti Veyron Pursuit Car

How much more hardcore could it get? Well, the T1 is pretty awesome, but it still isn’t the fastest car in the world. To find that, we need to look to the only place one could expect to find such an outrageous pursuit vehicle: Dubai.

The largest city in the UAE, Dubai is known for being one of the supercar capitals of the world. Exotic beasts roam the streets on nearly every corner. Naturally, the police there have their work cut out for them. The kind of work that warrants a pursuit vehicle with a little more power than your standard Crown Vic. Their fleet is jam-packed with all sorts of over-the-top cop cars, but the Veyron takes the cake. Why? Because with top speeds of 253 mph and the ability to go from 0-60 in just 2.5 seconds, this is the fastest police car in the world—marking it as the current top dog in our list of baddest cop cars.

Bad Boys: What You Gonna Do?

When you have a hopped up ride, it’s easy to feel like you’re letting those factory-issued Fords catch you. But even if the fuzz in your neighborhood is still rolling around in sedans, worldwide evidence suggests Johnny Law is ready to put that lead foot where the sun don’t shine if you don’t abide. So the next time you’re parked on the side of the road wondering “What if…?“, keep daydreaming!

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