They Want FX! New Premium LED Light Bars from TrailFX

LEDs have changed the way we illuminate everything. Smaller. Brighter. Less power draw. But just because you have an LED light bar, doesn’t make it equal to any other, even if the LED chips are made by the same manufacturer. Quality in the design and construction are every bit as important. If you’re looking for a premium quality LED light bar without the premium price tag, look no further. TrailFX Premium LED light bars offer outstanding performance compared to comparably priced product. Let’s take a look at their offerings, shall we?

TrailFX Premium LED Light Bars

The TrailFX brand is known to be an excellent value. They offer products in categories like bumpers, side steps, fender flares, tonneau covers and so much more. TrailFX has made a name for itself amongst dealers looking to capture budget-conscious business without offering inferior product. However the Premium LED product offers true step-up performance over their already excellent light bars.

The beam pattern is a “combo” pattern, offering the benefits of a spot beam and a flood beam simultaneously. The bars utilize side-emitting LEDs and reflector technology for precise beam control. This design helps maximize output, lessening the need for more LEDs. Doing “more with less” helps keep power consumption lower than lights with similar output.

Quality Construction

Cast aluminum construction is employed on the Premium LED light bars from TrailFX. The casting process creates a stronger, more rigid final product. This extra attention to strength pays dividends, as it keeps the light from “fluttering” while in use, and helps make sure that essential components dont rattle loose over time, leading to premature failure. TrailFX Premium LED light bars feature a limited lifetime warranty.

Air plays an important role, and TrailFX opts not to skimp here either. Utilizing GORE® vents or “breathers” helps maintain proper pressure and air flow, while rejecting water and debris. The entire Premium LED light bar family is IP68 rated.

Jeepers Den - TrailFX-inspired build Premium LED light bars


When you see the word “value” when referring to a product, it usually means performance isn’t the main goal of said product. TrailFX Premium LED light bars shatter that myth. The 54″ curved bar puts out a whopping (nearly) 29,000 raw lumens! Chickety-check them out for yourself. You might just say “Shiver my timbers, yo… these things are BRIGHT”

All apologies to Das FX…


Part # Size Raw Lumen Effective
Single Row Straight Bar
2SRS20CC01 20” 6300 lm 4535 lm
2SRS30CC01 30” 10500 lm 7558 lm
2SRS40CC01 40” 14000 lm 10078 lm
2SRS50CC01 50” 16800 lm 12093 lm
Double Row Straight Bar
2DRS20CC01 20” 11590 lm 6954 lm
2DRS30CC01 30” 17472 lm 10483 lm
2DRS40CC01 40” 23265 lm 13959 lm
2DRS50CC01 50” 28987 lm 17392 lm
Double Row Curved Bar
2DRC20CC01 20” 11590 lm 6954 lm
2DRC30CC01 30” 17472 lm 10483 lm
2DRC40CC01 40” 23265 lm 13959 lm
2DRC50CC01 50” 27955 lm 16773 lm
2DRC54CC01 54” 28987 lm 17392 lm
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