Take a Ride on the Safer Side with RJS Racing Equipment

RJS Racing Equipment is a name that has become synonymous with safety in motorsports for, well, ever. As a supplier of safety equipment essential for racing demands, we briefly touched base on this company when highlighting tried and true performance brands back in April. RJS Racing is a straightforward company whose goal can be explained in a few short words. Its value, though? That’s a different story. Brands like RJS are few and far between. Especially in today’s oversaturated market of companies trying to catch every fish with cheap marketing schemes, outsourced production, and blowout pricing. In comparison, RJS Racing is a brand that takes pride in its roots and continues to stand by its demographic through thick and thin. That deserves more than just a few words.

A History of Quality

RJS Racing was established in 1959. Since then, the company has been pumping out top-tier safety equipment for all sorts of race vehicles. Off-road, on-road, big cars, little cars, go-karts, and monster trucks can all be seen sporting RJS belts, harnesses, window nets, and parachutes. And with products developed, manufactured, and tested at the company’s new facility in Florida, customers have the added peace of mind of American craftsmanship and strict standards.

For drivers, RJS offers top-of-the-line fire suits, helmets, gloves, shoes, and more—safely and effectively covering them from head to toe. The company is also a licensed distributor of Bell helmets. For cars, RJS Racing stands ready with everything from fuel cells to fire extinguishers and engine diapers to transmission blankets. RJS even connects drivers to their teams with its own line of communication products. Long story short? If you need the definition of driver’s safety for racing—these are the guys to talk to.

Practice What You Preach

If you’ve never heard of this company, you might be wondering what makes them significant. Well, fifty years of experience isn’t fueled by flying by the seat of your pants—you need to know what you’re talking about. RJS Racing is the type of brand dedicated to ensuring its customers are safe and informed.

The company’s website alone speaks to this. Instead of “Buy now!” logos dancing across the screen, RJS offers clear and detailed descriptions of every product. There’s also helpful information on current racing association specifications and regulations, as well as charts and forms to ensure you’re purchasing the right product for the right application. The good people at RJS Racing aren’t interested in forcing the brand’s name on you. Hell, they don’t need to—the name speaks for itself!

Kind of a Big Deal

RJS Racing Equipment isn’t just a brand used by grassroots racers, though. The company’s name is known and respected across various industries including demolition, stunt work and movie props, law enforcement, emergency responders, government, military, driving training, auto manufacturing, and automobile testing. And aside from distributors, some of RJS’s larger customers include Ford, Roush, Chrysler, TRW, and the FBI. That’s right, not only do the big dogs of high performance love this brand but Johnny Law does too.

It’s a hard-working company, with hard-working product. And thanks to safety manufacturers like RJS Racing, motorsports can remain fun and thrilling, with significantly less bumps, bruises, and heart-breaking fatalities. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re new to the game or a lifelong veteran, the next time you need to purchase or update your safety equipment, now you know who to call.

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