Track Time with Tried and True Performance Brands like McLeod, RPC, RJS, Motul, Loctite, and Champion

Really, a brand is nothing without a story behind it. See, a story builds a reputation and a reputation builds that following. And in a world where numbers speak louder than words, that’s power. Ultimately, this helps to determine which brands will stand the test of time, right? In honor of storytelling, we picked out a few tried and true performance brands that have been helping speed junkies cross the finish line for decades—McLeod Racing, RPC, RJS Equipment, Motul Oil, Loctite, and Champion.

McLeod Racing

McLeod Racing is a longtime leader in performance clutch and driveline parts such as clutch kits, clutch components, hydraulic bearings, flywheels, conversion kits, and bellhousings. Since 1971, McLeod Racing has been known for innovative products that span street and race performance, an emphasis on quality service, and strong enthusiast support. Real racers choose McLeod.

In recent years, the company has expanded into new markets, broadening the product line beyond its traditional applications while maintaining historic standards for excellence. That means better performance in more hands.

Racing Power Company

Picture it: a guy chewing a toothpick and flippin’ a nickel up against a slick classic ride that’s much faster than it looks. That’s Racing Power Company…just beggin’ ya to go for a ride, so it can show you what it’s really capable of.

Building period correct cars can be a real bugger sometimes. True gearheads are always faced with two tough choices: stick with authentic parts or upgrade with the aftermarket. But what if you could have OEM-grade parts that do both? Racing Power Company (RPC) has been supplying speed enthusiasts of classic cars since 1995. The RPC lineup gives speedsters access to the best parts with a solid authentic look that, honestly, nobody else can seem to match. They have a ton of modern grade performance equipment but carry that feeling of the glory days—toothpick, flippin’ nickel and all.

RJS Equipment

Have you ever seen a race car without RJS on it? Likely not. Speed is the name of the game. While there are dangers that come with the territory when racing, safety should always be everyone’s number one priority. RJS fills that need.

Our customers are involved in all types of auto sports and safety industries, such as drag racing, stock car racing, go-kart racing, quarter midget racing, monster truck, off-road & buggies, boat racing, demolition, stunt work and movie props, law enforcement, fire and rescue, government, military, driving training, auto manufacturing and automobile testing. Aside from our distributors, our larger customers include, Ford, Roush, Chrysler, TRW, and the FBI.

RJS Racing Equipment

You’ve seen their fire suits, you’ve seen their seatbelts, and you’ve seen their helmets. Sure there are others, but c’mon? Who does it better?

Motul Oil

Racing is nothing new. Certainly oil is nothing new. What is new, however, is how it’s done. Let’s face it—that ain’t your granddaddy’s hot rod burning rubber out there on the track. Modern performance calls for modern oil. When it comes to the hardest and most abusive driving you’ve ever seen, whether on two wheels or four, then you need an oil that will perform.

With a 160-year history rich in product innovation, Motul Oil is unmatched in its premium quality and performance. And as a leading figure in motor racing, Motul develops and validates its products under the most extreme conditions.

Motul Oil

Watch any major event…any single one. You’ll see Motul Oil out there, stamped on riders and displayed on the raceway. Sure, Motul made a name for itself with European and super bike circuits all over the world, but the company’s legendary status is present from street to track.


That blue bottle of magic elixir. We’ve seen it applied to just about every single thread on every single hot rod or truck in the industry. For more than 50 years, Loctite has been addressing vehicle maintenance and repair needs with its specially-formulated adhesives, sealants, lubricants, and more. Speed applications are subjected to tons of vibrations and abuse, so securing fasteners properly goes beyond simple torque specs.

But it has a long history of doing more than just holding together nuts and bolts. From industrial applications like vehicles and planes, to everyday uses like paper products and furniture, Loctite has a product capable of tackling the problem. The adhesive is so strong in fact, that a recent test by the company’s engineers successfully pulled a 208-ton freight train using only three grams of their 4070 Hybrid product and 60 minutes of cure time. Talk about strength and resiliency…

From gasket repair to transmission maintenance and leaking exhausts, “Henkel’s Loctite® branded line of adhesives and sealants provide solutions that deliver the latest patented formulations with unique package delivery systems,” said Eastern Regional Manager John Farrand.

Loctite Magic

Champions Choose Champion

Versatility is the name of the game. You can’t say you’re a muscle car enthusiast solely by learning the trade on classic cars, right? Well, the appreciation at least. You’ve got to get out there and see what the world has to offer before you go ahead and say one is definitively better than the other in your eyes.

Champion Brands is a company that’s been among us since 1956 as a globally recognized industry leader in specialty lubricants. Since then, Champion has flexed in sprint cars, muscle cars, heavy equipment, modern vehicles, and even the salt flats. They’ve smelled burned fuel and rubber in every kind of arena, and they continue to just excel.

Producing and blending more than 300 products, Champion has offerings in fuel, brake fluid, oil and engine additives, and lubricants across automotive, heavy truck, agricultural, and specialty markets. Meet the name with a maintenance solution for any hard-working engine, from daily drivers to extreme race vehicles. 

Champions Choose Champion

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