American Icons: WARN Elite JL Wrangler Front Bumpers

In the off-road world, the name WARN and the “W” Logo are iconic. They conjure up images of dusty Moab trails and a license to travel where one never thought possible. Much like the Jeep® brand, WARN is off-road. These two off-road icons have never been more in sync than right now, with WARN offering a slew of new product for the 2018 JL Wrangler. The newest offerings are their Elite front bumpers. Elite bumpers are designed, engineered and made in the USA and are ready to take the off-road world by storm. Read on for all the details on the Elite JL Wrangler front bumpers from WARN.

JL Wrangler Front Bumpers

Unless you’re rocking a Rubicon, Your JL Wrangler bumper is pretty basic. Bumpers typically get changed to improve the look of the Jeep, improve front tire clearance, or to facilitate the addition of a recovery winch. Regardless of the reasoning, the change usually results in better front-end protection. To be worthy of a name like Elite, you would expect to get all of those things. And, you’d be right.

The Elite JL Wrangler front bumpers come in two styles. There is a full-width version for maximum protection and a stubby version for maximum clearance. Each is available with or without a tubular over-rider. The tube serves as extra protection for the grille and a mount point for off-road lighting.

JL Wrangler Front Bumpers

The full-width versions can accommodate the Jeep’s factory fog lights. You simply remove them from the original bumper and install them in your new Elite bumper. There are also provisions for additional off-road lighting in the front of the bumper on opposite sides of the winch opening.

All About That Winch

Much in the same way that (to me) a cheeseburger is just a meaty ketchup delivery system, the Elite JL Wrangler front bumper makes the most of WARN recovery winches. The bumper’s design houses the winch for maximum airflow to the engine bay. Elite bumpers are guaranteed to work with ZEON, ZEON Platinum, VR, M*, XD9, XD9i, 9.0Rc and 9.5xp winches from WARN. They should accommodate most manufacturers winches up to 12k, but make sure to check before purchasing another manufacturer’s winch. I mean literally. Check yourself. Why buy any other winch?

Just Skidding

Removing the JL Wrangler’s factory front bumper sometimes means that the factory skid plate can no longer be used. WARN offers a skid plate in the Elite family for just this reason. It helps neaten the appearance of the front of the Jeep while providing a degree of protection from debris and rocks during steep descents.  The bumper and skid plate part numbers are as follows:

101325 – Stubby, No Tube

101330 – Stubby, With Tube

101335 – Full, No Tube

101337 – Full, With Tube

101445 – Skid Plate Kit


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