Surco Products Keep Your Rig Adventure-Ready

It’s no secret that the overlanding trend is b-o-o-m-i-n-g right now. And whether you’re doing it for the experience or just for the Instagram likes, one thing’s for certain: you need high-quality, dependable products that can stand up to off-grid demands. Surco, with over 30 years of true American manufacturing under its belt, makes the grade.

Surco’s been around long enough to see the overlanding trend take the world by storm. It’s been able to grow, innovate, and improve just as the lifestyle has, adapting to the ever-growing SUV and 4×4 market in the process. Because even if that trail-ready rig never sees anything harsher than pavement, it still deserves an aftermarket accessory that can withstand the demands of true adventure travel.

A family business, Surco values customer service. That means knowledgeable employees, fair prices, and a solid lineup of innovative, dependable, and thoughtfully-designed products.

Surco Safari Rack

One such quality product is the Surco Safari Rack. Marrying durable construction with lightweight assembly, the Surco Safari Rack is an easy-to-handle solution for your cargo-carrying needs. Designed specifically for sport utility vehicles, it sports 3/4″ aluminum square tubing and a durable black powder coat finish for durability, as well as an aerodynamic design that won’t slow you down. Easy to install and easy to remove, it requires no drilling or special tools for assembly.

The unit fits any factory roof rack, multi-sport rack system or rain-gutters, and is available in a variety of sizes from 45” – 65” wide and 50” – 100” long. The 5” deep rack basket can hold up to 250 lbs of cargo, meaning all your over-sized gear or that new Yakima rooftop tent will be a breeze to transport.

Additionally, the Surco Safari Rack is compatible with a number of sold-separately accessories, like safari lights, Hi-Lift jack carriers, axe and shovel mounts, and spare tire adapters, effectively maximizing your self-sufficiency and cargo management on the trail.

As the company states, “It just flat out carries what you need to take.” And with all components manufactured in the USA, it’ll be carrying them for a long time.

Surco Hauler Basket Rack and Spare Tire Basket Rack

Underpacking (and overpacking, for that matter) is a risk you can’t afford to take when you’re overlanding. Spare parts, recovery gear, and many other off-grid essentials are all crucial to survival while traveling, but they take up a lot of space. What about that Dometic cooler you’ve been eyeing up? Sure, it’s not a “true necessity” so long as you have another method for keeping food, but it sure would make life a little more convenient out there in the bush. Surco makes it easy to find extra space on your rig. Because in the game of overlanding, the journey trumps the destination. And how can you enjoy that experience if you’re too busy worrying about the safety and security of your gear and equipment?

Surco Hauler Basket Rack

If that safari rack just isn’t enough, consider a Surco Hauler Basket Rack, and haul that extra load with your hitch. Constructed of heavy-duty steel with a durable black powder coat finish, the Surco Hauler Basket Rack can carry up to 500 lbs.

The Surco Hauler Basket Rack makes it easy to haul that extra load with your hitch.

It’s available as a 20” x 48” basket that fits 1 ¼” or 2” receivers or as a 24” x 60” basket that fits a 2” receiver. Both options fold down to half their size for easy storage. If you’d rather your rig be adventure-ready 24/7, install the Surco Hauler Basket Rack with a universal fold-up adapter. Always accessible, but there when you need it and folded up when you don’t.

Surco Spare Tire Basket Rack

While the rear-mounted spare tire seems to be a dying trend, many older model overlanding rigs as well as modern Jeep Wranglers still sport them. If your vehicle has one with a standard bolt pattern, consider a Surco Tire Basket Rack. With 43” x 19” carrying capacity, 100-lb weight capacity, and a sturdy, lightweight aluminum construction, you can carry your cargo with ease—and leave that trailer hitch free for towing.

The Surco Spare Tire Rack provides extra cargo space while leaving the hitch free for towing.

Plus, with the extra elevation, you don’t have to worry about losing important items if you bottom out on rocky terrain. And at easy reach-in height, you could easily slap a thin layer of plywood on the bottom and you’ve got yourself the perfect outdoor table for prepping dinner or enjoying a cup of coffee while you watch the sun set over some remote horizon.

There will be enough challenges ahead—unpredictable weather, curious wildlife, the lack of a real toilet—don’t let cargo management be one of them. Let Surco handle the heavy stuff so you can enjoy the journey (and maybe snag a selfie while you’re at it).

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