The Dometic Difference Keeps It Cool

Lately, there’s been a surprising amount of controversy over two refrigerators. The brands at battle are ARB and Dometic. Both are compactly designed like a cooler, but actually run on auxiliary power in order to keep food and drinks cool. That means no ice needed—a real life saver for those on the go. At the end of the day, both are excellent choices, but it leaves many automotive enthusiasts wondering, well, just exactly who is Dometic?

Get to Know Dometic

Born in the 1960’s as a division of Electrolux, Dometic’s initial focus was on appliances. Coincidentally, Electrolux was bred off the momentum of Arctic—the company with manufacturing rights over the earliest refrigerators. So it’s safe to say that Dometic knows a thing or two about keeping things cool.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg though. Dometic’s prime market is the RV community. And the appliances they develop aren’t just compact fridges. In fact, they are a huge supplier of furnaces, water heaters, cooking equipment, lighting, ventilation…and the list just keeps going.

In addition to this long list of electrical supplies, Dometic also provides awnings, patio equipment, doors, windows, and sanitation supplies, along with an almost endless supply of necessary materials for campers across the globe. Far from small fry, it’s safe to declare them as an industry leader in their field. They even develop helpful products for truck drivers, who spend countless hours transporting cargo across the nation.

So why are automotive enthusiasts just hearing about them now? It’s fair to say that the Great Recession had a negative impact on the camping community. Despite going off the grid for a few days with bare essentials, camping is really a luxury. When 2009 rolled around, many people stopped going because, with the biggest economic crisis in recent history, they simply lacked the funds. This decline in consumer participation led to a drop in crossover sales of camping accessories in the automotive industry.

Consider Your Options

Even now, investing in a motorhome or trailer is still a considerable expense. Those who already have a hobby that’s expensive enough to be claimed as a dependent on their taxes, may not want to go and bury tens of thousands of dollars in something they won’t use all that often. So why not take the ol’ 4×4? Folding down the seats or, better yet, throwing an Air Bedz blow-up mattress in the bed of a truck can be just as good—right?

Obviously, Dometic is already very well-established in the RV business. But, hey, they offer a thing or two for “crossover enthusiasts” who plan to spend long weekends overlanding or simply camping in their muddin’ rig. For starters, they offer a full line of portable-refrigeration options, as briefed in our opening liner. ARB is a formidable opponent in ranks of quality and performance but, in sheer numbers (and numbers don’t lie), Dometic takes the cake. While ARB offers five awesome models from which to choose, Dometic slings up 20. The capacities range from as little as 11 quarts all the way up to nearly 4 cubic-feet. Along with food and drink storage, Dometic also offers portable sanitation supplies to keep you covered in the wild.

For those who have grown accustomed to the world of automotive suppliers that specialize in a particular group of products, Dometic and their never-ending options almost sounds too good to be true. Thankfully, this is one of those sweet few times in life where it isn’t. Anyone who’s been in the RV life for a long time will tell it as it is: Dometic is the only call you need to make.

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