Innovative Portable Power with Weego

What good are on-the-go gadgets if they can’t keep a charge? Weego understands that life in a tech-reliant world has different priorities. As an innovator of portable jump starters, jump starter accessories, and rechargeable battery packs, Weego “has a charge for everyone and everything.”

Weego, Providing Power to Everyday People

Whether you are a mom or a mechanic, Weego has something to suit your needs. They offer high-quality and affordable products as well as the peace of mind that you’ll never be stuck without power. Many of their devices are ultra-compact and lightweight enough to fit in someone’s pocket. And the portable battery chargers only lose about 2-5% of their charge each month. So stash them in the glove box, center console, under seats or inside emergency kits. Some rainy day months down the road when the car won’t turn over, you’ll be oh-so-glad you did.

A Trustworthy Brand

All of Weego’s devices are built for longevity and durability. Their jump starters use lithium-polymer batteries that offer up to 1,000 charging cycles. That means, you’ll be getting some real bang for your buck. Additionally, Weego uses quality components that are designed and engineered in the U.S. The brand is also backed by Paris Corporation, a well-respected and family-owned 50+ year old company. So you can rest assured that you are paying for a reliable and responsibly-sourced product.

Plus, Weego offers an incredible 18-month warranty on their merchandise. That’s one of the longest warranties in the industry! This confidence in their product line extends to their customer service and tech team as well, who are ready and willing to answer your questions.

Charging Up Distribution

But don’t just take our word for it; the brand’s growing credibility can speak for itself. Boat US Insurance Company just named Weego as a must-have new product. Iconic professional bass fisherman Mike Iaconelli says his Weego portable power source has “saved his bacon more than once.” And not to mention, the company’s full product line will now be available across a large network of dealers in North America thanks to the company’s partnership with Keystone Automotive Operations, Inc. So keep an eye out for more Weego accessories wherever you like to shop. “And remember whether you’re traveling on the water, on the road, or on a desolate trail–Weego here, there, everywhere.”

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