Pitch These Camping Essentials Under Your Tree

This post is part of our inaugural “30 Days of Christmas” segment. Readers can cruise over to The Engine Block for daily gift-giving features in every price point. Product coverage will include everything from hardcore performance suggestions and must-haves for daily drivers to a 4×4 and recreational activities wish list. Our team of industry insiders is excited to make holiday shopping less stressful this year! For most of us in the northern regions, we’re heading into the deep freeze of winter.  But great gifts for the camper in your life know no season!  We’ve got some great ideas at all price points to help you check off a few names from your holiday shopping list:


ARB has quite a history of manufacturing high-end off-road and camping products.  Based in Australia, ARB knows a thing or two about traveling far off the beaten path.   Their line of 37-82 Qt. offerings are built like tanks. Make no mistake, these aren’t to be confused with less effective 12-volt coolers.  No sir, these units are true refrigerators/freezers.  Their flagship offering is the Elements Weatherproof Fridge Freezer.  Constructed with a gorgeous stainless steel body, this bad boy can easily withstand the trials and tribulations of being mounted permanently in the bed of a pickup.  Three years in the making, the Elements Fridge has a bevy of great features.   Steel construction, a gas strut, and an electronic locking system are just a few of the niceties boasted by this fridge.  WE RECOMMEND: ARB ELEMENTS WEATHERPROOF FRIDGE FREEZER

Elements Fridge


But I’m going camping, why would I need to jump a vehicle?  Let’s just say, you’ll thank me once you see how useful one of these units are.  Wherever you’re driving to, a jump starter is a great investment.  Think of all the times you get in and out of your vehicle setting up shop at the campsite.  One door ajar and interior light left on and you’re stranded alone with the bears. All of Weego’s devices are built for longevity and durability. Their jump starters use lithium-polymer batteries that offer up to 1,000 charging cycles. That means, you’ll be getting some real bang for your buck.  Plus with models featuring power for your portable devices and a 500-lumen flashlight, they’re no one-trick pony.  WE RECOMMEND: WEEGO JUMP STARTER 44

Power Up with Weego


We love a good tent, as illustrated by our next product, but why not make your vehicle where you rest your head at night?  AirBedz provides the ultimate in sleeping comfort when you’re miles away from your Tempurpedic.   What makes AirBedz a great option is the superior space utilization and the cutouts on each side. These cutouts allow the mattress to fit around and over the wheel wells of your truck bed.  Available in different sizes, AirBedz are designed for long and short bed layouts. Plus, with an SUV model on the way, AirBedz is sure to have a solution that fits your needs.  The company is staffed with self-proclaimed hunters, fishers, off-roaders and motocross riders.  Authentically living the outdoor lifestyle, Pittman’s team has put the issue of poor outdoor sleep “to bed” once and for all.  WE RECOMMEND: AIRBEDZ PRO 3

AirBedz Pro 3 Truck Bed Air Mattress


Pop-up tents are an old standby when camping but we love the look of vehicle-attached tents just a bit more.  Rightline Gear offers a choice of either. Their line of super transportable truck, SUV and pop-up tents keep you cozy, comfortable and dry. The tents are constructed of sturdy waterproof and fire resistant fabric and sport glow-in-the-dark zipper pulls and a lantern-hanging hook. Their truck bed tent design allows you to set up camp wherever your vehicle can take you, regardless of flat ground. And the SUV tents add significant square footage to your covered camping area by connecting to the back of the vehicle. Set-up for all designs is easy and doesn’t require any climbing, crawling, screaming, cussing, or crying.  WE RECOMMEND: TRUCK or SUV TENT

Rightline Gear

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