SEMA 2018: Road Armor New Products for JL Wrangler and Full-Size Trucks

We gotta ask, have you seen this data sheet?

Road Armor is an All American brand just like the Wrangler, who by November 2018 had already outsold previous year totals.
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Yea, that’s the Jeep Wrangler entering the fourth quarter with sales already higher than the previous year’s totals. But are we really surprised? Rugged, dependable, easy-to-wrench, and just plain fun, the Wrangler epitomizes what it means to be American. And just like the Jeep Wrangler, Road Armor is an all-American brand supporting the all-American dream of off-roading with high-quality form and function.

This year at SEMA, Road Armor showed it’s truly on the ball with a line of accessories for the newest Jeep darling to hit the dirt—the JL. At the show, the company unveiled new bumpers and body armor for the latest and greatest Wrangler to date, ensuring you don’t have to wait any longer to snag the toughest form of protection on the market. Also released, is Road Armor’s new line of iDentity Series bumpers for full-sized trucks. (That’s right, the Wrangler may be booming, but Road Armor takes care of all of its fans.)

Let’s continue our conversation from last week about Road Armor, with a special focus on JL product development.


Bumpers, Baby

At SEMA, Road Armor revealed that its claim-to-fame Stealth Series will be the first line of bumpers from the company to hit the JL Wrangler. Fitting, since this is the bumper that started it all. Not only are these incredibly tough bumpers, constructed of ultra-thick, 3/16″ steel (compared to competitors’ 7/64″ 12-gauge steel), but they’re also very easily accessorized for added utility. Finished with a Satin Black powder coating, these bumpers are specially designed to “follow, compliment, and accentuate the body lines of your vehicle,” says Road Armor.

Slap a WARN or Smittybilt winch in there and some auxiliary lights, and go hit the trail. With high-quality craftsmanship at the helm you’re sure to bust every stump and stone you ram into.

Body Armor

When it comes to the Wrangler, there’s no doubt that the front and rear of the rig aren’t the only areas that need protection. Those sides are just as vulnerable, making body armor crucial to a long lifespan. When crawling, mudding, or simply riding along trails, those stumps, stones, and other high-standing obstacles bite right into the rocker panels and lower doors.

That’s why the Road Armor new products lineup includes heavy-duty body armor for the JL. These units are a last line of defense to keep the rockers from crippling under pressure. It also doesn’t hurt that they’ll keep a ruggedly stylish flow from front to rear when paired with those Stealth bumpers.

Skid Plates

And speaking of complimenting those Stealth bumpers…

Protection of the vehicle doesn’t stop on top. While bumpers are great for forward- or rearward-facing threats, they offer little help when it comes to the belly of the beast. When that new JL of yours is out running the trails, low-standing obstacles will love to grab onto any part of the undercarriage, causing damage and holding you back.

Road Armor's new skid plates protect you from low-hanging obstacles.

Road Armor’s new skid plates tackle this issue, keeping pesky rocks from tearing up the underside and keeping you wheeling. Texas-made and lifetime guaranteed, you can be sure you’re protected.


As for you truck guys groaning over all the Jeep-praise, Road Armor new products feature something for you too. At SEMA 2018, Road Armor also unveiled its all-new iDentity Series front and rear bumpers. With a signature heavy-gauge steel construction, this series rocks a modular platform making customization a breeze. Highly-stylized, this line stands out both within Road Armor’s catalog and out there on the road. The company proudly describes them as “when reality meets expectations.”

Road Armor New Products include the iDentity Series bumpers for full-size trucks.

With Road Armor’s tried-and-true experience in the field, plus that industry-leading lifetime warranty, buyers won’t have to sacrifice ruggedness for style when buying iDentity Series bumpers for their truck.

A Road Armor product is just as good-looking as it is durable. While the company may have been quick to get these new products to market, don’t be fooled into thinking it was rushed. Each product is specially-made for the application and you can rest assured that the fit and finish is of the premium level that Road Armor is known for. Of course, if you do somehow bend anything out of shape, Road Armor backs all its products with that attractive lifetime warranty.

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