Santa’s NEW Little Helper: The CARR JL 180° Light Mount

If you’re the type to leave milk and cookies out for the big man on Christmas Eve, might we make a suggestion? No one—especially Santa—needs any more carbs this time of year. And all that dairy on a long trip? Oof. We’re sure he appreciates the sentiment, really. But giving the gift of Type 2 Diabetes and lactose intolerance isn’t really what we’d call thoughtful. Consider: the new JL 180° Light Mount from CARR.

Now sure, Rudolph and his bright red nose have been lighting the way for many years now. And we’re certainly not looking to put a hard-working reindeer out of a job. But since Santa recently snagged himself a new 2019 Wrangler JL (perks of being Father Christmas), CARR’s innovative new lighting mount would be the perfect aftermarket addition, don’t you think?

On-the-Fly Adjustments

This super cool (and useful) new product offers drivers 180° light rotation on-the-fly, with no tools necessary for operation. Using a signature pull-pin design, users simply tug the pin down and rotate the light into seven different positions. Perfect for off-roaders, overlanders, or adventurers of any kind, the JL 180° Light Mount provides wide lighting coverage for everything from nighttime wheeling to campsite s’more-making. Leave two by the fireplace and secure your No 1 position on the “Nice List” by giving Saint Nick the gift of a 360° lighting coverage system.

Worried the mounts won’t withstand a 24-hour trip around the world? Think again. With an incredibly simple installation, convenient mounting location, and durable construction, CARR’s JL 180° Light Mount is certain to stand up to any off-road demand. Additionally, all CARR products are made in the USA and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

The unit securely mounts to the existing A-Pillar factory holes using a simple design that accommodates 3″ lights and even leaves space for an antenna to be fed through. Its mounting location causes zero interference with door clearance or windshield lowering, and eliminates reflective glare. And with a powder-coated steel construction and Hex Black zinc plating, the JL 180° Light Mount can hold up to heavy wheeling and harsh environments.

The JL 180° Light Mount allows two lights to provide a 360° coverage for off-road, camping, and recreational use.The JL 180° Light Mount allows two lights to provide a 360° coverage for off-road, camping, and recreational use.

Stylish and Practical

Better yet, the JL 180° Light Mount doesn’t just perform well—it looks awesome doing it. One of Carr’s own engineers, Javier Palacios, developed the product to fill a gap in the market. As an off-road and racing enthusiast himself, Palacios wanted a light mount that would look great, while also providing wide lighting coverage for outdoor activities. His experience in racing quads and dirt bikes, as well as his working knowledge of what makes accessories practical and stylized for today’s vehicles, led to the innovative JL 180° Light Mount.

“The JL 180° was made to enhance the look of the Jeep and to create a system where 360° outdoor lighting can be completed quickly without the need to pick up a tool,” says Robert Hamilton, CARR Sales Advisor.

The new JL 180° Light Mount from CARR is both stylish and practical.

Proven Excellence

Beginning in 1945 as a pattern-making company in an old metal shop, CARR has over seven decades of innovation and excellence under its belt. In the early ’80s, the business entered the automotive aftermarket and quickly saw success developing light bars and truck steps. Today, CARR is a major industry player, with products in virtually every major warehouse across the US and Canada. And as a third-generation business, CARR “remains firmly committed to product innovation and design, hassle-free customer service, and offering the consumer various choices in steps, light bars, and other accessories,” says the company.

With high-quality raw materials, proven manufacturing processes, and a locally-outsourced business model that aims to keep products made in America, CARR sets itself apart from the competition. Its products are useful and stylish, and more than capable of withstanding anything you can throw at them.

So, whether you’re ingratiating yourself with Kris Kringle or just looking for that perfect last-minute stocking stuffer, the CARR JL 180° Light Mount is SO much better than cookies, don’t ya think?

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