Back to Basics: Selecting a Powersports Trailer on a Scale of Entry Level, Good, Better, and Best

Choices, choices. It’s the classic dilemma. You don’t want to overspend on accessories that you won’t use. But you also don’t want to buy more trailer than you really need. Not to mention the importance of looking ahead to account for those foreseeable growing pains in the years to come. Well, allow us to shield some of the pain when researching a powersports trailer. A clear, entry level, good-better-best scenario with brand recommendations and expected budget is provided below. Let this be a cheat sheet for you during the shopping experience. Keep those dealers honest, right?

Powersports Trailer Options

Entry Level

The simple, yet ever handy and dependable flatbed utility trailer is a convenient and budget-friendly option for those who are just getting into the game. It’s also great for riders who tend to do local day-trip excursions. “Quickly load them up and you’re ready to rock n’ roll,” said Bryan Grigsby of Driven Performance Brands.

This is a great solution for lower to mid-grade units, such as dirt bikes or ATVs. In addition to reputable names like BigTex Trailers, AzTex Trailers, Rice Trailers, and Sky, there’s a lot of healthy competition in this space with plenty of independent companies producing well-made utility beds regionally. Just remember, like anything else, you get what you pay for. And utility trailers are no exception. Expect to pay between $2,500-$4,500.


The next step up is an enclosed trailer with non-living quarters. “Cargo trailers serve many functions. From construction equipment to household furniture and recreational cargo, they can haul it all,” said trailer manufacturing company, Ultra Santek. “Fully-adjustable bunk and winch systems give your boat the fit it needs. And adjustable running gear gets the trailer weight balanced for ease of towing.” Ultra Santek, Sky Trailers, and Fleetwood are tried-and-true brands.

While technically an open trailer, Eric Wilson of Specialty RV in Ohio explained that a pop-up camper or hybrid option gives people comfortable sleeping quarters with essentially a large rack on the front to hold 1-2 ATVs, UTVs, or dirt bikes. A camper with quad storage will run between $10,000-$20,000. Specialty RV’s preference? The Rockwood tent camper and Roo lines.


But what if you can afford an enclosed trailer option with a kitchen and/or living room floor plan? In this scenario, your powersports toys are stored in the enclosed living space when not in use—a garage area (with a vapor wall, of course) so to say. The obvious advantage here is additional amenities on-site when you’re traveling with powersports gear. Toy haulers come in a variety of sizes and configurations. “Once I saw a 27′ travel trailer hold seven quads and none were stacked. They were turned sideways and packed in like a can of sardines, but they fit and there was no damage,” said Wilson of Specialty RV.

Fleetwood and its sub-brands, RageN, Winnebago, and Weekend Warrior are four of the preferred brands that can easily run over 50K. And if you want top of the line with all the amenities some of the 5th wheels can offer, then expect to make an even heftier investment.

“The downside to toy haulers is that if you’re an off roader looking to take your Jeep or sandrail, it’s just not going to happen because of the deck width. These rides are too wide and too heavy, so a lot of guys will swing for the motorhome [covered in the section below] and then haul their off-road vehicle with an additional 20-26′ crawler or trophy truck trailer,” added Grigsby.


But maybe you’re slinging for a top shelf powersports trailer experience. In which case, gas and diesel motorhomes (otherwise known as a diesel pusher) or Super C big luxury homes are for you to consider. “If you are shopping around for a coach that has the chassis of a truck and diesel power with some extra towing capacity, then a super C motorhome is right up your alley,” said THOR Motor Coach. “If you’re looking for coaches that check the boxes of quality, luxury, and performance, then the Four Winds and Chateau Super C motorhomes are perfect,” continued the company.

While the diesel pusher is not an official piece of RV industry terminology, it has become surprisingly popular. “A diesel pusher will burn less fuel than a comparable non-diesel RV performing similar work. The life of your diesel engine is generally twice as long as the run-of-the-mill petrol engine. Diesel engines can run on biodiesel (an easily synthesized, non-petroleum-based fuel), and its fuel is considered to be safer by many. Not to mention, diesel engines generate less waste heat in cooling and exhaust,” said Pedata RV Center.

MVP, Fleetwood, and FunMover are a few of the many brands catering to a high-end consumer who may be boarding a street legal golf cart, luxury motorcycle or trike, multi-season powersports equipment, etc. Most motorhomes start in the 100K range and increase in price based on features and amenities.

Find What Works For You

Selecting the right powersports trailer can be a daunting task. But ultimately, it shouldn’t be any more difficult than actually hauling those toys to and from events. And ideally, it should be just as fun as actually getting to use them. There’s plenty of choices within each price range and just as many salespeople eager to help you understand the benefits. So, use this breakdown as your guide, set a budget, and enjoy the process.

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