Brand Spotlight: Weigh Safe Flexing Its Towing Weight

In Romeo and Juliet, our tragic heroine flippantly asks “What’s in a name?” to justify her love for a rival family’s son.

Ugh, teenagers.

But those of us who paid attention in high school English class know that a lot is actually in a name. And you know who else understands the power of a name? Weigh Safe.

A Name that Stands for Something

Weigh Safe is a SEMA-award winning producer of trailer hitches. And using those critical thinking skills you picked up in English 101, you’ve probably already determined that the company has a pretty strong commitment to safety. So much in fact, that Weigh Safe proudly declares its trailer hitch design as “the safest and highest quality hitch on the market.”

“Them there are fightin’ words, sonny…”

How does the company achieve this you ask? With a dedication to state-of-the-art American-made equipment and tools. Each product is manufactured with the finest stainless steel and aircraft-grade aluminum. Then it’s milled to the tightest tolerances with advanced machinery. The end result? A revolutionary product that’s hassle-free, easy to stow, and promotes safe towing.

How Weigh Safe Works

A family-owned and operated company based out of Utah, Weigh Safe stands as a great example of American ingenuity, creating a product that elicits “Ah-ha!” and “Why-didn’t-I-think-of-that?!” moments from enthusiasts. So simple and yet so creative, the Weigh Safe trailer hitch features the only adjustable ball mount on the market with a built-in tongue weight scale to improve towing performance.

That means that after a very easy installation, users just have to load their trailer and then consult the hitch to see if they’ve achieved the proper amount of tongue weight required for safe towing. The hitch uses a small built-in gauge that measures down force with hydraulic fluid. This then activates a scale that accurately and clearly lets users know if their load distribution is too little or too much on the ball mount.

Why It Matters

Anyone who’s towed a vehicle knows the importance of tongue weight. Too much and you may lose traction or find it difficult to steer or brake. Too little and you can have dangerous trailer sway. Weigh Safe’s innovative product provides the peace of mind and increased trailer performance you’ve been looking for, at a great price to boot. The product also arrives ready-to-assemble with a quick and painless set up. And it has a creative stowable design so you can store the ball and mounting platform underneath your vehicle. Easy, safe, and affordable. What more could you ask for?

In a world of constant distractions, innovations, and progressive technology, simple logic can be hard to come by. Weigh Safe products are a genuine accomplishment of mechanical engineering—fixing an actual problem in towing, not one created by savvy marketers.

So what’s in a name? Common sense, practical solutions, and a commitment to safely enjoying one’s passion. If only someone had informed poor Juliet.

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