Competition Corner: Rally Races, Engine Master Challenge, UTV Racing Madness & High-Speed Fun

WARNING: The following content is smokin’ hot, with details about the finest automotive shows and adrenaline-packed competitions taking place across the country during the next couple months. We’re ready to battle Mother Nature in rally races, head out to the Amsoil Engine Master Challenge, turn up the competition in UTV racing, and have some high-speed fun with NHRDA and Lucas Oil drag boat racing. 

Idaho Rally International

Let’s kickstart this list by kicking up some dirt, shall we? Rally races are some of the toughest, most action-packed races in all of motorsports. These guys take flying down a dirt road to a whole new level. Saturday, September 15th and Sunday, September 16th is your chance to watch drivers tear it up on the trails in Placerville, Idaho. On Thursday, September 14th, the cars will be on display to the public. Prepare yourself to get up close and personal with these purpose-built beasts. Travis Pastrana and Ryan Millen are expected to run the event, which in itself is a major attraction. So, if you’re ready to get out and see some of the best drivers in the world do what they do best, then check out the details here.

UTV Bounty Series

Let’s continue our trek off asphalt for just another minute, with a look at the world of UTV racing. We promise, this isn’t your Uncle Billy Bob’s buggy that you’re going to see blasting around the trails in Putney, Kentucky. These UTVs are built to the hilt that way they can take on some of the baddest trails and hills across the state. Bright and early Saturday, August 11th, the drivers will meet up and head out to get dirty. About two weeks prior to the event, a pre-race show will be announced, giving spectators like us the chance to get closer to the action even sooner. If you’re ready to witness a real butt kicking, then head over to this site for even more information about the upcoming event.

Hot Rod Drag Week 2018

Yes, we’re all familiar with Hot Rod Power Tour, unless, that is, you live under a rock. It’s the biggest event for classic car owners to get together, show off their rides, and cruise a famous route. For those with a need for speed, Hot Rod Drag Week is the event that separates men and mice. Over the course of six days, some of the most powerful cars and badass drivers will gather to battle it out in a grueling test of skills and endurance. No trailers, no breaks. Only asphalt and raceways. From track to track, drivers will have to not only drive their cars, but also bring any spare parts or equipment they may need. You can catch these guys at a number of drag strips from September 9th-14th. For more information regarding the schedule of events, you can visit their site.

Amsoil Engine Master Challenge

This event really shakes things up, trust us. Typically, the events we highlight here at Competition Corner are for drivers to participate in and for spectators to sit back and enjoy. The Amsoil Engine Master Challenge presented by Hotrod Network puts engine-building skills to the ultimate test. Builders duke it out to see what they’re made of, and if they’re worthy of the title as an engine master. For us gearheads, what more could you want? The event doesn’t take place until October 1st-5th in Mentor, Ohio at the JE Pistons headquarters. But we wanted to make sure that the best engine builders out there had the chance to plan out their trip and battle it out for the crown.

NHRDA World Finals

The National Hot Rod Diesel Association is responsible for putting together some of the largest diesel racing events in both the US and Canada. Diesel engines are capable of producing outlandish amounts of power and sending beastly trucks down the track at near stupid speeds. Needless to say, having the chance to attend such an event is one for the books. What’s even bigger than huge? The world finals, which brings together some of the nastiest diesel machines across the state. October 12th and 13th is your chance to witness testosterone in its purest form. If you’ve mentally booked your trip to Ennis, Texas, great! Here is the site for details.

Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series 2018

Woah, woah, woah, shouldn’t we be talking about something with wheels on it? Well, drag boats aren’t exactly the same as that ho-hum bass boat your neighbor proudly displays in his driveway all year round. We’re talking hemi powered, over the top, race boats here! These setups, though very different, share something in common with top fuel dragsters—cubic inches. If you’re a marine powersports enthusiasts, or if you’ve never had the chance to see just how insane drag racing boats can be, then we encourage you to head over to Wheatland, Missouri for the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Series. The event is scheduled to run August 31st-September 2nd, so you still have plenty of time to prep for an insane marine experience.

The Competition Corner offers a great lineup of action, whether you prefer rally races, an engine master showdown, UTV racing, or a boat challenge. Check back with us next month for another round of event suggestions! 

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