Monty Goodpaster Air Design F-150 Build, A New Classic Among Tiring Trends

Today, everyone wants to stand out—from their clothes, to their homes, to the car sitting in their driveway. And in this quest for originality, we too often find ourselves either adopting the same old modifications and upgrades as every other driver on the road, or going so over the top that our vehicles becomes caricatures of ourselves. Monty Goodpaster, a Keystone Automotive outside sales rep from Texas, found the elusive sweet spot for his 2016 Ford F-150 with a little help from the company Air Design.

Air Design—a design, engineering, and manufacturing company of aftermarket accessories—produces styling kits for a range of applications. They offer a variety of choices, all with OE-grade quality and design. For this truck, Goodpaster chose one of their off-road systems, featuring styling cues from front to back. It includes a hood scoop, bumper cover, rocker panel accents, fender flares, and even a tailgate spoiler and accent kit.

“My favorite piece is probably the bumper cover. It’s got these horizontal LED lights that double as running lights … I’ve never seen anything like them on any other truck,” shares Goodpaster.

Many body kits drastically alter factory appearances with boisterous restyling. Air Design’s products, on the other hand, use a much more subtle (and effective) approach. The flares and trim pieces aren’t hulking; they work well to accent the natural shape of the truck. These kinds of styling decisions allow Air Design to pick right up where the manufacturers leave off, creating an upgraded look that is polished and tasteful.

Classic Upgrade, Big Response

The Keystone Big Show is a big deal, right? As one of the largest automotive trade shows in the country, Keystone sales reps prepare for the event year round. So, to snag some time with the sales team a few days before their biggest event of the year, well, that’s something special. And Air Design took advantage of every minute, with a full body kit demo that went on LIVE right in front of the team. No chance for error—the team was impressed.

Who was the lucky guy who just scored a brand new Ford F-150 Off Road Series kit? Monty Goodpaster. While the training took about half a day, but Goodpaster says that a complete system like this can be installed in as little as two hours.

The Air Design Difference

The kit requires no drilling, no cutting, and no alterations to the base vehicle. Goodpaster was blown away by the simple installation. “The way the fender flares go in is awesome. They’ve got these taped on anchors—about eight of them on each flare. And it’s going to keep those flares from scratching the truck,” he shares. The rest of the kit uses a similar pain-free and efficient method.

Hood scoop install Hood scoop live install with Keystone sales team.

Overall, the build was very simple. No bells and whistles, and it didn’t cost Goodpaster an arm and a leg or a year’s worth of time. And while the kit does demand a few complementary upgrades–this is an off-road design after all–Goodpaster can easily tie things up with a lift kit and new set of tires down the road. Ultimately, the kit gives an aggressive look without compromising the integrity of the F-150 that lies underneath.

So, what’s the reaction? “I get very, very positive comments. Guys are turning their heads as they’re driving. They’re staring at me,” says Goodpaster. He shares that strangers in parking lots are constantly approaching him and asking questions. And he made it clear that the feedback is often so positive because no one’s seen anything quite like it before. Naturally, the truck has been a great sales tool for Goodpaster.

The best part though? Monty gets to spend every day in a really sharp F-150, with a style uniquely his own.

Fender flare install Fender flare install with Keystone sales team Tailgate install with Keystone sales team Live full body kit install with Keystone sales team

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