Auto Industry News: Aston Martin DBX First Look, More Baby Bronco Rumors, & Maserati Appoints Gardner to North American Operations

This week’s Auto Industry News has a few things to say about whatever a little birdie may or may not have told you. There are talks of a Baby Bronco companion to Ford’s resurrected model. We’ll spill the tea on the new Aston Martin DBX, as well as meet the face of Maserati in North American. Plus, there is a vicious SEMA build that you’ll consider selling the farm for!

Aston Martin DBX Confirmed

Jeep may have shook up end-of-the-year announcements in a big way with several well-timed Gladiator leaks. But they aren’t the only ones with a few tricks up their sleeves. This past week, Aston Martin confirmed the name and release of the DBX— the company’s first ever SUV. Based on a well-received 2015 concept vehicle, a rebodied four-door prototype is now in development.

The shared photos reveal the DBX has since upped its ground clearance, riding on an all-new platform. And according to the press release, while the model will “perform with the verve and poise of a true Aston Martin,” the DBX will also extend its “dynamic envelope” (read: expensive) to include off-road and towing capabilities. Engine wise, details are still unknown. However, this will be the first model built at the automaker’s new St. Athan production facility in Wales. We anticipate the flagship product to showcase that new technology in the form of an electric drivetrain at some point in time. Whether we’ll also see the AMG-sourced V8 or the V-12 worthy of the segment-competing 650-hp Lamborghini Urus, is a mystery.

The Aston Martin DBX is set to hit the market in late 2019, specifically the fourth quarter. Just in case you were already thinking about next year’s Christmas gifts for the performance geek who has everything.

Baby Bronco?

Will the upcoming Ford Bronco debut alongside a mini-me? This is one of the rumor mill’s latest headlines, but there’s reason to keep an ear on it. SEMA was jam-packed this year (and we’re still feeling the aftershock), but as news of leaks circulated and died off, the mumbles of a miniature Bronco (not this one), held strong.

Did Ford leak photos of the rumored Baby Bronco at SEMA?

Initially teased in March, the baby Bronco rumor got new life after posted this sneaky photo of a Ford presentation at SEMA. At first glance, the image shows a vehicle that could most definitely be the rumored “mini Bronco,” which got folks talking. Then, this week, whispers were confirmed via an unnamed source. The pieces are falling into place… Ford trademarked the names “Timberland” and “Maverick” earlier this year—and neither name has a face yet. Could one of them be for the crossover interpretation of a classic?

Seriously Sinister Diesel F-350 Build

Speaking of SEMA aftershock… How’s this for a debut? Sinister Diesel, in their first ever showing at SEMA, blew the roof off the place with this downright nasty F-350 build. Nicknamed the Sintor, it features nearly every part Sinister offers, including cold air intake, DPF-back exhaust, intercooler piping, power steering pump, and more. And it certainly feels sinister, bright red and sitting on 46″ MRAP tires that have the ability to go just about anywhere with heavy-duty Deaver leaf springs. A modified Addictive Desert Designs 2018 F-150 bumper adds style to its threatening mug.

Sinister Diesel said the truck can be purchased for a cool quarter of a million. (It did arrive towing a matching red Lamborghini.) While that makes it a pipe dream, it’s still fun to marvel at the work put into this beautiful machine!

Maserati Names Gardner New North American Chief

New Fiat Chrysler CEO Mike Manley is making front office MOVES. And he kept the ball rolling with Al Gardner selected to lead Maserati in North America. He’ll be taking over for Tim Kuniskis, who took reassignment to exclusively lead the Jeep brand last month. Gardner has been FCA’s dealer network head since 2015, and he will continue to hold his previous position alongside his new appointment. He spearheaded the Chrysler 200 in 2015 and even led the brand for some time.

Around the Circuit

There was a terrifying moment at the Formula 3 Macau Grand Prix when Sophia Floersch lost control in the extremely narrow street track and launched into the crowd. The accompanying video may be disturbing to some viewers. There were no fatalities, though five were injured, and Floersch has since tweeted that she is okay, though she will need surgery.

Steele wins the Baja 1000.In off-road racing, the Baja 1000 took place this past weekend with shocking results. Four-time Baja 1000 winner Rob MacCachren appeared to have taken home his fifth title. However, he got hit with time penalties “for speeding and an unsafe, illegal pass on a highway.” The penalties were then enough to knock him from the top of the pedestal and secure the victory for (believed) second place finisher, Cameron Steele. Steele, who began the day in 13th, fought off penalties of his own to outgun Andy McMillin, who took third place.

Last but never least, the NASCAR Monster Energy Series final was Sunday night, and it was ALL Joey Logano. Check out the action here!

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