Countdown: Best Towing Products of 2018

Whether you’re towing a boat trailer or a full-on RV, there’s really no room for anything less than the best. Are we right, or are we right? Though, finding the best towing products can really be a bit of a hassle when every manufacturer is promoting their lineup as cream of the crop. After all, saying otherwise really isn’t a smart sales tactic. But a great way to actually tell which towing products rank the best is by letting the numbers speak for themselves. As such, we decided to speak with the marketing team over at NTP-STAG. They gave us the scoop on the best towing products of 2018, with focuses on brake control, leveling, weight distribution, hitches, and tow bars.

RedArc TowPro Elite

Proper trailer brake control is key to safe towing. One of the best-selling items of 2018 has been the RedArc TowPro Elite trailer brake control. This unit is like the Swiss Army knife of brake controllers. It can be used to operate in conjunction with 12- and 24-volt systems. RedArc also markets this piece as the only trailer brake control system on the market with two braking options. Perhaps the best feature of this towing product is the limitless mounting options. The design allows for someone to mount it in virtually any position possible, so no one will be sacrificing leg room in the name of stopping power.

RedArc TowPro Classic

Aussies know a thing or two about towing products, as you can see. The investment in a TowPro Elite system isn’t for everyone. Not all those who tow need a trailer brake control to work off both 12- and 24-volt systems. Additionally, standard mounting isn’t exactly a big deal to many. What is a big deal, however, is having a reliable brand name to turn to for the best towing products. The TowPro Classic is a step back from the Elite in terms of features but certainly not in quality. The economical appeal combined with top-of-the-line capability is what landed this brake controller on this elite list of towing products for the 2018 fiscal year.

Tekonsha Primus Trailer Brake Control

As you can see from the top two spots, trailer brake control is kind of a big deal. While we love us some RedArc, they aren’t the only quality contender on the market. For a long time running, Tekonsha has been an industry leader in category of trailer brake control. The Primus is a proportional style brake controller that’s well trusted by thousands of RV owners all over the world. Tekonsha proudly stands behind its reliable, easy-to-use towing products that gift consumers with an unbelievable price point.

Tri-Lynx Lynx-Levelers 10 Pack

Interestingly, almost all of the best towing products of 2018 have to do with safety. But let’s be real: there’s definitely a level of comfort that’s desired once you’ve arrived at a campsite with an RV. For many, the use of 2×4’s is the go-to tool for leveling a trailer. Well, Tri-Lynx Lynx-Levelers has been rapidly replacing that longtime method for many recreational vehicle owners across the country. These stackable pieces, which fit together almost exactly like Legos do, allow users to lift their trailer one inch at a time. Having these on hand will allow you to lift the trailer to the exact desired height. No more uncomfortable nights balancing on 2×4’s easily lands this product among some of the best sellers during 2018.

Husky Towing Centerline Weight Distribution Hitch

Weigh distribution is crucial to keeping the tow vehicle’s front tires on the ground. Without them, the truck will be really hard to control, which could lead to a downright scary experience. The Husky Centerline weight distribution hitch has been a top seller in 2018, and with good reason. The top plate is constructed of forged 1035 steel. This helps keep things light and rigid. The use of tight tolerances helps the system react to sway situations appropriately. One major selling point is the design—intended to reduce unpleasant noises that commonly occur when towing with one of these units installed.

Weigh Safe LTB6-2 Adjustable Dual 180° Hitch, 6″ Drop, 2″ Shank

Without a hitch ball, you can forget about towing a trailer. Such an important role in towing ensures its presence on our list of best-selling products in 2018. The Weigh Safe adjustable turnover ball with a hitch shank package is an idiot-proof way to find the proper setting from trailer to trailer. This setup can be used in both rise and drop positions, makes it easy to switch between the two included ball sizes, and has a maximum weight capacity of 1500lbs. Not only are the hitch balls constructed of solid stainless steel, but Weigh Safe also covers this top seller with a limited lifetime warranty.

Weigh Safe WS6-2 Weigh Safe Adjustable Ball Mount, 6″ Drop, 2″ Shank

A step up from their other best-selling hitch ball, Weigh Safe offers yet another great hitch ball option. This time, the 6″ drop is paired with a built-in tongue weight scale. The owners of this unit not only get to select up to a 6″ drop, but also get to forget the need of an industrial scale to tell whether or not they are within appropriate range. This product shares a limited lifetime warranty with its adjustable sister product we discussed above. It’s no wonder that we see the Weigh Safe name appear twice on our list of the best towing products in 2018.

Blue-Ox Avail Tow Bar

Towing Titan Blue-Ox rounds out our countdown. The company’s Avail tow bar is of premium quality. It’s designed to provide many improvements over standard tow bars on the market. For one, it has an improved turn radius, which makes turning with a tow vehicle much easier. The Avail features Blue-Ox’s patented non-binding latches for ease of removal regardless of the conditions. And the whole package is coated with a premium metallic paint job. So, if you’re looking to pull a vehicle along for the ride to a favorite campsite, then call on your favorite Towing Titan, Blue-Ox.

Did we miss a big one that you feel needs to be shared with the towing community? Make sure to include your comments or questions below!

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