TALK SHOP: Modern Muscle & Jared Chavez of MagnaFlow

Jared Chavez of Magnaflow

The past few months have been devoted to 50th anniversary coverage of the beloved Chevy Camaro. We decided to kick off the final week with a “Talk Shop” special featuring the experts at MagnaFlow. Check back with The Engine Block on Thursday as we explore the sixth generation Chevy Camaro and all its glory.


Q: How are modern muscle exhaust sales doing as a category?
A: Modern muscle has always been a strong category for MagnaFlow; it runs deep in our company DNA. But we’ve seen the biggest changes in consumer purchasing habits. There is a clear shift from brick and mortar to online purchases. An average consumer still has the confidence to install a cat-back system on their own even though kits are becoming more complex. So this means our job of making a high-quality product that’s easy to install remains the highest priority.

Q: Do you anticipate longevity out of the modern muscle movement?
A: It’s not a movement; it’s the very basis of our industry and SEMA’s foundation. Money talks. And we see modern muscle being top sellers year after year. That said, I don’t foresee an end to the category any time soon. The pony wars are alive and well with Ford, GM and Chrysler. Likewise, they understand the aftermarket plays a major role in creating that perception. Consumers want to make vehicles their own and look to us to give them the options to make it unique.

Q: How is MagnaFlow making its mark in the modern muscle category?
A:  We believe MagnaFlow sits as the market leader within this niche. And as a household trusted name in the aftermarket, we are fully committed to making our systems 100% in the USA with materials sourced right here. That alone separates us from the competition and speaks directly to what’s important to our target customers. They want American Made and sourced. Hence why they bought a Camaro in the first place! Look around at the people using and endorsing MagnaFlow within the community. We see how the product speaks for itself–it just plain works.

Q: The Chevy Camaro is an iconic brand. From an industry professional and enthusiast standpoint, what do you believe contributes to the Camaro’s long-term success both as a classic and modern muscle option?
A: Muscle car success as a whole is kind of the perfect marketing storm. It’s based in heritage with very raw American roots. You know there’s a winning product line for life when a vehicle platform can elicit such genuine emotion from consumers. Power, style and brute force. These are the feelings people associate with modern muscle.

GM, Ford and Chrysler all benefit from having customer loyalty that is family based and runs deep. You always hear car people say how they are a “Chevy” family or that their “blood runs blue.” Manufacturers know they can invest money into growing these vehicle programs and win every time. And when their competitor raises the bar, it just makes sales go up across the board.

Q: What does MagnaFlow have cookin’ for the Camaro?
A: MagnaFlow is currently offering a variety of kits for the sixth-generation Camaro, including our quad tip exit style in both competition and race series.

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