UnderCover Truck Bed Covers Have Every Type of Consumer Covered

By this point, you’re no doubt familiar with UnderCover truck bed covers. But just in case you’re not…

With a variety of hard one-piece and tri-folding tonneaus, UnderCover has been redefining thermoplastic bed covers since 1999. Using a unique patented blend of plastics and polymers, and keeping all manufacturing right here in the United States, UnderCover’s products are strong, durable, and attractive.

UnderCover Truck Bed Covers – The Choice is Yours


Purists will love the UnderCover Classic, a traditional one-piece truck cover that offers dependable bed protection with a weather-proof form fit. UV- and scratch-resistant, the Classic features a textured black finish for extra strength and polished good looks.

UnderCover truck bed covers have something for every customer.

Throw in a dual point locking system, LED lighting system with a self-contained battery source, a no-drill, clamp-on installation, and a 3-year warranty—and you’ve got the official gateway drug to UnderCover products.


Those who want all the quality features of the Classic but with a little more pizzazz, will like the UnderCover SE. With added style lines and a rear spoiler, the SE sports a more aerodynamic look, one locking point, a lighter weight (only 58 lbs.), and the option to have it painted to match your truck.

UnderCover truck bed covers have something for every customer.

Installation is just as easy, mounting in less than 30 minutes.

Flex/Ultra Flex

Next up the price scale are the UnderCover Flex and Ultra Flex. While both tonneaus are strong multi-panel, hard-folding units providing durable, weather-resistant protection with a super low-profile stylish look, the Ultra Flex takes the cake as UnderCover’s best-seller.

Both are tri-fold covers, offering three secure riding positions, including added prop rods to keep the cover in an upright, folded position so you have access to the entire pickup bed. And both feature rubber seals and drain tubes that direct water away from the bed—and your gear. The Ultra Flex kicks things up a notch though, with a luminous light-rail system, BedRug-carpeted underpanels, a dual-action tailgate seal (so you can close the tailgate with the cover up or down) and a 5-year warranty.


New to the lineup of UnderCover truck bed covers is the ArmorFlex. With a tri-fold design, the new ArmorFlex sports the same heavy-duty aluminum construction and matte-black finish, dual-action tailgate seal, and 5-year warranty as its Ultra Flex sibling. But this cover is also coated with LINE-X® specialty automotive coating, offering superior protection from dents and scratches.

UnderCover truck bed covers have something for every customer.

If you need a truck bed cover to stand up to extreme environments and harsh off-roading, this is the tonneau for you.

Elite/Elite LX/LUX

Oh, but you fancy, huh? Your truck is your baby and you’re not interested in ‘gettin’ some mud on the tires.’ Don’t worry, there’s a little something for you as well. The Elite, Elite LX, and LUX Undercover truck bed covers are all one-piece, solid-hinging tonneaus offering polished good looks and reliable protection—with a few extra smart add-ons.


UnderCover truck bed covers have something for every customer.

The Elite comes with a removable LED lamp, cargo-retrieval tool, and integrated locking handle for added convenience. The Elite LX offers the same upgrades but adds in a carpet headliner and pristine paint job to match the color of your truck. The LUX maintains all the lightweight durability of the Classic, the conveniences of the Elite and Elite LX, and adds polished, color-match OEM styling.


But for those of you who require—no, demand—something truly unique and multipurpose out of your truck bed cover, UnderCover gives you the Ridgelander. This hard, one-piece, hinging tonneau is constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum and designed to withstand 250-lbs of cargo. Its built-in cross bar Tango Track System can be used with or without the cover and offers near-infinite cargo carrying options. Better yet, the Ridgelander plays well with other aftermarket friends, fitting over 35 accessory mounts from popular names like Yakima, Thule, and Rhino Rack.

UnderCover's Ridgelander is the ultimate tonneau cover and is wholly customizable.

If you’re a weekend warrior in need of a truly versatile daily driver, then the Ridgelander—and one of its accessory kits—is just what you’ve been looking for.

Premier Brand from a Quality Family

UnderCover is a premier brand and industry leader in functionality, quality, engineering, and design. And just in case you’re not convinced of its commitment to product innovation, consider that UnderCover’s parent company, Truck Hero, had the second largest booth at the largest aftermarket showcase this year—SEMA 2018.

We call that dedication to making a dent in the market…

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