Pony Up for Some Tuner Muscle with Jack Marchetti and His EcoBoost Mustang

Keystone sales associate Jack Marchetti, a sport compact enthusiast and industry veteran of two decades, affectionately refers to his 2015 Ford Mustang 2.3 EcoBoost with a 6-speed manual as “tuner muscle”. It’s got quite a few people talking and even a few smirking, but definitely has everyone listening.

Looks Can Be Deceiving

“I’ve always been intrigued by 4-cylinder turbocharged cars. My first was a 1987 Dodge Shelby Charger Turbo, which they didn’t make a whole lot of—a very rare model,” said Marchetti. After that, it was a ’93 Eagle Talon Turbo, a pair of SRTs, and a 1999 BMW M3 to round out the collection. “I did my research and see the potential. Just because it says 2.3 EcoBoost doesn’t mean it’s a slow car,” he added. “The 4-cylinder EcoBoost is new to the industry. But with it being a turbocharged model, some (relatively simple) mods can make an already-quick car go wicked fast.”

Let’s be crystal clear: by potential he means the ability to turn out 500+ horsepower in a small econ engine with the addition of an aftermarket drop-in Precision Turbo—an upgrade Marchetti plans to pull the trigger on post-extended warranty. For now, he’s enjoying the ride, making minor cosmetic additions like carbon fiber, and taking it to some local car shows.

“When people see the customized emblem, they just scratch their heads, ‘What is this?’ It stops people, tempts them to look at the motor and ask a lot of questions,” he added. “The biggest thing is changing people’s perceptions of what it means to have a Mustang.”

Marchetti does have some big plans, though. As of recently, he moved to the state of Pennsylvania. After his first winter there, he’s felt the pain of every gearhead in the Rust Belt. “With the move up here and all of that, I kind of put everything on hold. I do have a porch full of parts for spring.” And with the summer of 2018 barreling in, Marchetti is keeping his eye on the prize.

Man With a Plan

The biggest event on the horizon is his opportunity to drive on the Pocono Raceway because his girlfriend, Megan, was kind enough to gift the tickets—that’s the real way to a man’s heart! Yes, Marchetti will be driving a stock car. And he’ll be able to drive his beloved pony on the Tricky Triangle as well.

With the high-speed, white-knuckled driving experience on his mind, Marchetti has planned his modifications accordingly. “I’m going to get rid of the regular suspension and I’m going to go with Suspension Techniques. Which is actually KW Suspensions’ coil over set up,” shared Marchetti. Also, AFE sway bars will be on the list to help keep the car steady. “It’s safe to say it won’t even feel like the same car once I’m done with all of that.”

There is no set date for Jack to hit the track, but he did explain that he has until September to get up there. We hope by then he has the Turbonetics turbo kit in place, which isn’t unreasonable to expect. “On this particular turbo, all you have to do is drop it in. Then, you take it to someone who has a dyno so they can tune it,” noted Marchetti. As we know, this kit will help the Mustang produce 500+ horsepower at the wheels. With the staggered track pack wheel and tire setup that was recently added, the modified suspension and (hopefully) bigger turbo, Marchetti is in for one helluva ride.

EcoBoost Mustang, Beauty That’s All Its Own

Marchetti loves the attention this car gets. It takes the crowd by surprise every time. “From when I first purchased it to now, it’s a completely different car … after that big turbo, I don’t know what I’m going to do,” chuckled Marchetti. We all know this won’t be the end, though. He’s caught the bug, and we can’t wait to see what he thinks up next.

This feature was co-written with Bruce Lindermann. Like what you see? Remember to share!

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