Top 10 Web Shows for Black Thumbs

If you’re here, chances are you also love sitting around watching a good show about cars and trucks. It keeps us connected with today’s trends, teaches us some tricks of the trade, and of course motivates us to get out there start wrenching. If you’re looking to kick back and spend some free time watching great gritty footage, we’ve got a list for you! Here are our top ten web shows for gearheads.


You cannot talk about automotive web shows without mentioning Roadkill, as this show truly brought something special to the table. Hosts David Frieburger and Mike Finnegan showed the world that it’s not all about having a big budget and the best cars. They reminded us that it’s about having fun with what you love. Their banter is hilarious. And they never take themselves too seriously, allowing for fun antics without the ‘scripted reality’ vibe many other car shows possess.

Hot Rod Garage

Originally, Hot Rod Garage started off as a spin-off of Roadkill. It featured the same hosts and the same cars on its sister series. After time, Tony Angelo took over as the show’s host and was later joined by Lucky Costa. Hot Rod Garage, or HRG, carries a lot of the same spirit as Roadkill, but is more tech-oriented. Here we can watch the super charismatic hosts showcase their brain power while putting together some of the most unique builds.

Dirt Every Day

Fred Williams should be held on high as a hero of the off-road community. We know, this is the third MotorTrend series on the list (don’t hate on us, Car and Driver). But since it’s jam-packed with some of the best four wheelin’ builds and competitions ever seen, it had to be mentioned. Joined later in the series by co-host Dave Chappelle (no, not that Dave Chappelle), Williams has had nothing but a blast making this show. And why wouldn’t he? He gets to play around in the dirt with everything from the Mad Maxxis Off-Road Runner to an F-350 with the biggest tires money could buy. It’s wild, it’s gritty, and needs to be on your must-watch list of web shows.

The Smoking Tire

The Smoking Tire has been one of the go-to automotive web shows on YouTube for quite some time now. Making a name for himself by reviewing some of the coolest cars in the world on some of the best roads, host Matt Farah is here to stay. Both the show and its sister podcast are informative and entertaining, with unedited and uncensored car reviews. Their One Take filming method has become synonymous with their brand, and makes for some interesting viewing. As their channel proudly says, it’s “No Hollywood, no bosses, no bulls**t.”

Mighty Car Mods

Known as the Australian counterpart of Roadkill, Mighty Car Mods has actually been around for quite a bit longer. Hosted by Moog and Marty, the show takes a look at popular car mods and myths, proving how actual power and performance is made. Their focus is mostly on sport compact vehicles and of course, having fun. They’re creative, funny, and informative and an absolute blast to watch.


Blasting around in the dirt and on the track is, well, a blast, but keeping things clean is just as important. AMMO NYC has to be the most informative of web shows when it comes to properly detailing a car. Host Larry Kosilla is a professional detailer, who shares tons of his methods and techniques of proper car care. Yes, he’s a bit of a fanatic. But he’s extremely talented when it comes to his field, and never fails to bring himself down to earth to give the audience a sense of encouragement when it comes to taking on these kinds of jobs. Kosilla is like the teacher everyone wishes they had. Only thanks to the internet, you can stop dreaming and start taking his advice.

Ratty Muscle Cars

Ratty Muscle Cars is another show that teaches us more than just what’s under the hood. Much like Roadkill, the web show focuses on having fun and enjoying the ride without worrying about dings and scratches. Specifically, it’s interested in showcasing “low buck muscle cars that are wearing their battle scars as a badge of honor,” according to the show’s site. Even better, the host Austin, boasts a homegrown love of Mopars, and come on, who can resist that?

Eric The Car Guy

We all need help sometimes. In fact that’s really what pulls us, as the audience, to a web show in the first place. Eric the Car Guy’s focus is on teaching his trade to those willing to learn. What he lacks in pizzazz, he more than makes up for in friendly and helpful, straight-forward advice. He takes viewers along on a typical shop job, offering great tips and even some moral lessons along the way.


The Jeep community is notably huge and warrants its own niche in the field. BleepinJeep may not be as big as some of the other names listed but it’s surely on its way. The host Matt is filled with pure love and enthusiasm for all things off-road and Jeep-related. On his channel he talks about and reviews some serious upgrades, their usefulness in the field, and even how to set them up. If you’re a proud Jeeper, this channel is an absolute must.

Jay Leno’s Garage

We all know Jay Leno is a car guy. He owns what is likely the greatest car collection of all time and truly seems to own one of everything. On his web show, he talks about some of these impressive cars and features a number of guests vehicles and their owners. Viewers can learn about some pretty unique builds as well as the history of the vehicle featured and the technology involved in making it. If you’re into classics, add this to your list.

And there you have it! Ten web shows to keep you entertained for hours. Did we miss something you love? Let us know in the comments section.

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