10 Automotive Podcasts That Don’t Suck Tailpipe

Podcasts are a great way to keep up with the topics you love in a convenient and accessible way—and we have you covered if what you love is anything automotive. Easily find out what’s trending, tune into an interview with industry professionals, or just enjoy entertaining banter about how the VW Beetle is actually an important car. So check out the acclaimed list of automotive podcasts below, because we bet there’s a little something for everyone.

Working under a carNPR’s Car Talk

Topping out iTunes’ Games and Hobbies Podcast list, NPR’s Car Talk is self-described as a “one hour weekly laugh fest.” Hosts take calls from car owners across America asking questions about suspicious squeaks and relaying funny stories like “that one time a sock got sucked into the engine.” Check out this podcast if you’re looking for a good wholesome laugh on your next commute with knowledgeable and endearing hosts who offer friendly advice.

The Smoking Tire

This show began as a video series back in ‘09 on YouTube and consisted of the main host, Matt Farah, and his buddies making the car videos they felt TV just couldn’t offer. The podcast supplements their video channel with knowledgeable and interesting reviews, stories and interviews. And it’s the “no Hollywood, no bosses, no bullshit” style that we absolutely love. Part camera nerds part car junkies, these guys will draw you in with their years of experience and brutal honesty. Recommended with a cold beer.

SkidMarks Show

SkidMarks is steadily inching its way up the list of automotive podcasts, with over 700 five star reviews on iTunes. Esteemed hosts Jeff Allen of TV’s The Car Chasers and Ethan Demetrius from KISS FM’s “The Rock Show” travel the country serving up a delicious combo of cool rides and rock legends.  Often recording live from events like SEMA, Autorama and the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival, Jeff and Ethan offer fun facts, good advice, and witty interviews with guests ranging from Vaughn Gittin Jr. of Formula Drift to the lead singer of “Men at Work.” Episodes run 30 minutes bi-weekly and are available wherever you snag your podcasts.


This show is more for the tepid admirer than hardcore enthusiast, but still offers some fun and interesting episodes on topics ranging from “The 10 Most Terrifying Manufacturing Defects” to “What Makes A Sports Car?” Like all the shows put out by How Stuff Works, this podcast is extremely family-friendly and would be a great option for parents looking to foster their child’s passion in anything that goes Vroom.

The Car and Driver Podcast

Kick back and relax because Car and Driver has some short and sweet episodes featuring comparative reviews of the hottest cars. Of course, the team delivers it with all the wit and expertise expected of one of the nation’s most respected auto magazines. And no surprise, it’s steadily picking up steam since it’s launch last spring from the New York International Auto Show. Expect their weekly full-length episodes to continue gaining momentum. Recommended for anyone who’s been curious to hear the real voice of the writers they’ve been hearing in their head for years.

Autoblog Podcast

Not to be outdone by the competition, the guys over at Autoblog are putting out consistently well-informed auto news on their weekly podcast. Episodes are hosted by your favorite car-loving journalists and they’re offering helpful advice, insightful reviews and up-to-date industry news with a level of “enthusiasm” that they’re not always allowed to put in print.


Adam CarollaFans of Adam Carolla and his no-holds-barred comedy need to tune into CarCast. Enjoy Carolla and co-host, auto enthusiast Mike D’Andria, talk all things automotive. As entertaining as it is informative, CarCast offers technical reviews, guest interviews and witty banter all peppered with Carolla’s signature unforgiving sense of humor. This is the winning podcast for anyone wanting to learn about luxury vehicles and custom builds. (So long as you don’t mind a little vulgarity.) While episodes are released every Friday, semi-regular updates are made to their corresponding online video series.


Derived from the Australian word “hoon” for a reckless driver, the guys over at Hooniverse have added their own spin to the term to celebrate all things gearhead. The hosts prefer to focus on obscure gems and the stuff you won’t find in your monthly auto magazine subscription. In fact, listeners even have their own nickname: “vehicular omnivores.” Check in if you’re looking for informative car talk with a familiar-feeling vibe and you’re cool with a little swearing.

Diesel Performance Podcast

Covering key topics on all things diesel, hosts Paul Wilson and Danny Voss fill in a missing niche for many listeners. Episodes are instructive and entertaining, examining subjects from performance to maintenance and everything in between.

Everyday Driver Car Debate

“Everyday” is the key word, as this podcast focuses on regular cars driven by regular people. Hosts Paul and Todd take questions, offer honest advice and provide unbiased reviews on a variety of topics. Episodes complement their YouTube channel without being repetitive and at an average running time of 45 minutes, are perfect for your next commute or workout.

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