Shaking Off Winter with a Good Spring Cleaning

The winter is as hard on automobiles as osteoporosis is on joints. There’s nothing like closing the lid on a particularly miserable season, especially with a good old fashioned spring cleaning. While Grandma may be scrubbing baseboards and sorting through junk in the attic, we know that you have priorities straight—the car! Those Weather Tech mats and Husky Liners mud flaps are probably still caked in a wintry mix of God-knows-what.

It’s easy to get tunnel vision and jump right to vacuuming the carpet, scrubbing the dash, and getting all that seasonal buildup off the paint. But how about what’s under the hood? We’re all guilty of prolonging the infamous mechanic crawl beneath a vehicle when it’s cold outside. Engine gunk can occur in all sorts of environments and conditions, even if it’s just been sitting. Consider this a gentle reminder to apply the same touch of love under the hood as general cosmetics. It’s time to remind customers that when spring cleaning comes along, maintenance isn’t malarkey.

Flush Out Gas Deposits

It’s no secret that the gasoline you pump from the local station is packed with all sorts of additives and chemicals. Yes, they’re meant to clean the engine during operation. But the fact remains that when new gas sits around, you wind up with a bunch of unwanted debris and deposits in the tank–and even the engine. Naturally, carbon builds up on the internal parts as gasoline burns, so drivers should be reminded to clear these out. It might not seem like a big deal on a fresh engine, but these deposits only attract more build up. If left untreated, this can become a runaway problem.

So, what better time to clean them out than the break of spring? Adding cleaners is a tried-and-true trick that many swear by. Seafoam is one of the most renowned brands in the industry. Lucas Oil recently introduced a complete engine treatment that can be used in either the oil or the fuel, to not only flush out but also lubricate the engine as it cycles through. The company states, “When added to fuel, it cleans and lubricates all components from the fuel tank to the cylinders. It removes deposits, protects against corrosion, and helps the fuel to burn more completely, which helps to lower emissions, improves fuel mileage, and increases power.”

Address Tank Moisture and Lazy Oil Changes

If a car has been sitting over the winter, moisture can build up in the tank. This can quickly lead to engine trouble, rust, and corrosion. Suggest for your customers to add fuel cleaner this spring—Valvoline Fuel Additive and Cleaner should be on your shelves—to help combat moisture in the fuel system.

For those customers guilty of skipping an oil change over the winter, it’s time for a kick in the pants. Offer an oil change special to bring them out of hibernation. Entice them with thoughts of a summer filled with nice weather and road trips. When you’re doing the first oil change of the season, remember to kill two birds with one stone and up-sell the Lucas Oil Complete Engine Treatment, which will help clean out the oil passages and prolong the life of that oil.

And don’t worry diesel guys, we didn’t forget about you. In fact, everything on this list thus far is safe and sound for your most prized possession.

Amp Up Performance

Maintenance aside, let’s talk true performance. After the engine has been serviced, it’s time for fuel additives, substitutes, stabilizers, and maybe even octane boosters. Does the brand RACE GAS ring a bell? Well, it should. When you blend their product to the proper ratio, “RACE GAS can take your ordinary pump gasoline and transform it into high octane, high energy, track grade racing fuel,” said the company. In fact, only two ounces of RACE GAS will raise the octane of one gallon of gasoline by four full octane numbers. “We have used RACE GAS in everything from a 944 Turbo race car, a modified Audi TT, a Hemi Magnum, a Hemi Challenger, modified VW R32, a Corvette and many other cars. All demonstrated increases in power, throttle response, and torque.”

Remember, true beauty lies within. So, get under that hood and give your ride the spring time reconditioning it deserves.

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