New Complete Engine Treatment by Lucas Oil

Pro Comp Tire A/T Sport

The all new Complete Engine Treatment by Lucas Oil is a cleaner, lubricant and fuel stabilizer, all in one.  This unique formulation works on all types of engines, gas or diesel, and with any engine oil.  Repeat with me, can be used with any type of engine or oil!  I wasn’t kidding when I said that it is all in one, because it can be used on anything with an engine, car, truck, snow mobile, tractor, boat, motorcycle, you get where I am going with this.  Here’s nice little testimonial that I came across.

It is environmentally friendly and easy to use.

Complete Engine Treatment Guide

When used as a fuel additive it helps lower emissions, increase power and and improve fuel efficiency.  It cleans the entire fuel system by removing harmful deposits on the tank, intake valves and cylinder heads.  It also lubricates multiple systems including the upper cylinder walls, compression rings and oil rings.  The Complete Engine Treatment also counteracts the corrosive effects of ethanol mixed in fuel.

When added to the engine oil, it helps clean out the engine reducing gum and varnish and forms a protective barrier against wear and tear from heat and friction.  It also improves oil flow in colder weather and extends oil life.

So next to you go into an auto parts store make sure you get the Complete Engine Treatment (#10016).  And don’t forget that this works with ALL TYPES OF ENGINE AND OIL, no matter what you ride.

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