RT Off-Road Big Brake Kit – Install Video

Since 1963 Crown Automotive has been supplying Jeep enthusiasts with the quality replacement parts needed to keep their beloved Jeeps on the road. They specialize in OEM replacement parts, especially hard-to-find items, replacing factory parts no longer available through MOPAR.  RT Off-Road is a division of Crown, that specializes in upgrades, including accessories, tops and performance enhancements. One new addition to their catalog (172 pages of Jeep awesomeness) is the RT31046 Big Brake Kit for JK Wrangler (07-18).

RT31046 Jeep JK Big Brake Kit

What the heck is a big brake kit? Think of it this way. Before you went full-on tax refund millionaire on your Jeep, it’s brakes were powerful enough to stop it, as intended by the manufacturer. Once you started bolting on those upgrades (20″ wheels, steel bumpers, 35″ tires with a full-sized spare, etc.) you started adding significant weight to your rolling mass. With apologies to Sir Isaac Newton, this added momentum makes your Jeep harder to stop now. Enter the need for a big brake kit.

It’s called a “kit” because its includes everything needed to replace all the brake components for the font axle of a JK.  Specifically, the RT31046 big brake kit from RT Off-Road includes 13″ rotors with larger, dual-piston calipers. It also includes larger brake pads and all needed hardware.  As seen in the video below, this popular upgrade is driveway-doable.

Spoiler alert : The Big Brake Kit makes a huge difference in the 60 Mph. braking test. Make sure to watch until the end. You won’t believe the difference!


Imagine “Y” is the amount of cool looking mods you’ve done to your Jeep. X is “Braking Power”.  This equation says the more you mod, the more you need a big brake kit. With the RT31046 you get everything you need at a reasonable price, and you can do it yourself. If you’re not a DIY-er, call up your local Jeep shop and ask them if they carry Crown/RT Off-Road products. Order one up for yourself and have them swap out your undersized brakes and rotate your tires while you’re at it. Come for the Jeep mods, stay for the physics and proportional mathematics lessons!

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