N-FAB Step Systems Stand Up to Work or Play

Based in Houston, Texas, N-FAB has been designing and manufacturing some of the aftermarket’s highest quality truck and SUV accessories since 2002. With a vast experience of (and deep passion for) the truck and off-road community, N-FAB multiplied its reach by joining the Truck Hero family in 2015. Access to a wide network of new customers, resources, and business opportunities has helped N-FAB explode into an industry leader with a variety of offerings. One category that has done exceptionally well is step systems.

As the brand’s bread and butter, N-FAB step systems steadily outrank the competition with their innovative designs, functionality, and durability. And that recognition only continues to grow. “Being part of the N-FAB family, pre- and post acquisition, I’ve seen firsthand how Truck Hero’s reach has allowed us to garner greater exposure in the marketplace,” says Andrew Schroeder of N-FAB Sales and Marketing. “The additional resources in engineering gives us the freedom to develop and expand N-FAB step systems, while still being fast to market. A true marketing team has allowed us to better retail each product, and an expanded sales team is on hand to hit the road, educate customers, and provide exceptional customer service,” he adds.

Rest assured, with quality USA-construction and a perfect blend of form and function, the hardest choice won’t be if you should buy N-FAB side steps, but which system you should treat yourself to when the time comes to upgrade. N-FAB manufactures a bevy of styles and configurations to satisfy a variety of end users. And as the first to go to market with an aluminum nerf step, as well as being the first-to-market with stainless steel podium steps, it’s safe to say N-FAB is a master of its craft. 

From wheel-to-wheel, bed access, and cab length arrangements to glossy black, textured black, and stainless steel finishes, the possibilities among N-FAB step systems are near infinite. Luckily, we’ve narrowed down your decision-making process (just a bit) by highlighting the latest and greatest setups the company has to offer.

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First up is the EpYx series. Providing a sleek and polished look with just enough bite to turn heads, this drop-down step system offers a stylish boost to any vehicle—and a fun twist on the traditional hoop step design. The angular steel construction offers not only long-lasting durability, but also a modern style that sits up high and tight to the cab.

N-FAB step systems give a stylish boost to any stock or lifted truck.

A textured black powder coat finish stands up to the elements. And modular brackets make for an easy, no-sweat installation. The EpYx step system is sold in pairs as a kit—with step rails and brackets packaged together for convenience.

“What separates the EpYx N-FAB step systems from other products on the market is the high-quality construction, material, and style set at a competitive retail price point,” says Schroeder. “For us, it’s all about new materials and new styles to help expand into the marketplace and fulfill the demand for the next generation of hoop steps.”


Next is the Growler series, and true to its name, this aggressively-styled, pronounced running board effectively takes the place of a bumper sticker shouting, “Lost Your Cat? Try Looking Under My Tires!” Designed with the working man in mind, this is a step system made to take a beating.

N-FAB step systems give a stylish boost to any stock or lifted truck.

All-aluminum construction and a textured black powder coat finish means it’ll hold up to the weather and, truthfully, anything else you throw at it. That rugged tread adorning a 7’ running board doesn’t just look bold, it also gives ultimate traction—no matter how muddy the job site. Ideal for fleet vehicles, this series is versatile, strong, and easy to clean. (Stay tuned for more durable offerings like this, as Schroeder says additional products will be designed with commercial customers in mind.) Sold in a kit with boards, bolt-on brackets, and simple instructions all in one box, N-FAB Growler Steps are easy to install as well.

Podium LG & SS

Looking for something with a mix of traditional and modern vibes? N-FAB Podium LG & SS Steps take a classic hoop step and integrate it into a tubular design with an expanded and enclosed sure-grip step plate for safe access and a trendy look. Like many other N-FAB step systems, this series sits high and tight to the vehicle’s body, adding to the clean modern look.

N-FAB step systems give a stylish boost to any stock or lifted truck.

The stainless-steel construction is fully welded as 1-piece for strength, durability, and easy installation, and is available in your option of either a high polish or textured black powder finish. Available in both cab length and wheel-to-wheel (with bed access) configurations, Schroeder explains that the innovative construction intends to make the hoop step more functional.

Predator Pro

And for those seeking aggressive looks with a little more stealth than the Growler series, check out the Predator Pro Nerf Step System. Featuring a fully-welded 1-piece design of 100% aluminum construction (that includes end caps, brackets, and all hardware), the Predator Pro is designed for hard work and hard knocks. A patented drop-down hoop step makes getting in and out of any big rig easy, and the wide step area is dimpled for secure footing. Sitting high and tight to the cab allows the steps to blend seamlessly with the truck’s OEM design, and like N-FAB’s other step systems, it’s easy to install and packaged with convenience in mind.

N-FAB step systems give a stylish boost to any stock or lifted truck.

From aggressive to sleek, N-FAB step systems have a fit and finish to suit your style—and your needs. While other aftermarket manufacturers are cutting costs (and corners) by using thinner tube, N-FAB constructs all its tubular accessories with .084-wall steel and then zinc-coats them for rust protection. And with over 400 models, N-FAB promises “the most complete and extensive line of patented nerf-steps on the market.” (We told you it’d be hard to choose just one.)

“N-FAB will never be a commodity,” says Schroeder. “We will always try to be the leading premium brand. We will continue expanding step lines—maybe moving into some more traditional products, but always making sure that we’re creating a new style with N-FAB’s spin on it. You can count on N-FAB for the most rugged and well-built product in the marketplace.”

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