Making the Ford Raptor Even Better with N-FAB

What more can a Ford Raptor owner possibly do with the most menacing, luxurious pickup on the market? The good people at aftermarket powerhouse N-FAB have an idea: make this already-superior beast uniquely your own. And make it even better—if that’s possible.

For today’s pickup selection, the Ford Raptor is indisputably the modern-day gold standard; it’s the Mona Lisa of the off-road pickup truck gallery. There isn’t a truck as off-road capable, and there isn’t one as posh rolling off any assembly line. Anywhere. With go-everywhere specs rivaling those of a Jeep® Wrangler or a Land Rover Defender, and the interior comforts of a high-end sedan, this rig’s skill has changed the modern marketplace. More importantly, it’s elevated what consumers now expect from a pickup truck. Other brands have tried to follow suit, but the Raptor outsells them all. It’s built for those who demand a lot from their truck, and they have the financial means to demand so.

Ford Raptor: Next-Gen Mayhem

Now in its second generation since the 2017 model debuted last fall, the Raptor may not be the first truck that comes to mind when customization is discussed. It is, after all, wildly upfitted right out of the box. Many falsely believe that aftermarket parts are solely the territory of third-hand 1998 Cherokees with 6” lifts and a coat of mud from bumper to bumper. But our market and its parts are incredibly vast, and both grow by leaps and bounds every day. Admittedly, the Ford Raptor offers a unique challenge: how can we improve upon a ride that’s so damn-near perfect? That challenge is one that N-FAB founder Thomas Fichter is more than willing to address.

“The first generation of the Raptor was great for N-FAB because its platform encompassed the off-road lifestyle that, like a Jeep® JK (Wrangler), is highly accessorized,” says Fichter. “Now, move forward to the more comfortable and refined second generation. It has a stronger frame, increased on-road characteristics, interior comfort, 10-speed transmission, and a twin turbo, high-output EcoBoost V6. It’s the perfect combination of comfort and performance both on and off-road.”

Aftermarket Touches

N-FAB is an industry leader in quality nerf bars, pre-runners, and all sorts of other off-road accessories for nearly all truck and SUV makes and models, foreign and domestic. Based in Houston, Texas, their company has exploded from coast-to-coast, even reaching Canada and a multitude of overseas markets. Their 150,000-square foot facility prides itself on craftsmanship. With quality, thick-cut tubular steel parts at the core of their business, they have since expanded to an array of parts that extend far beyond side steps.

According to N-FAB, a whopping 30,000 to 40,000 retailers now have access to N-FAB products. A company with a resume this strong is more than willing to tackle the challenge of improving upon an industry leader—a.k.a, the Ford Raptor.

“N-FAB’s new Raptor products give the consumer the ability to add protection to his truck with stronger bumpers and RkR Rails,” he says. And they don’t just stop with high-grade steel protection. “Auxiliary lighting is a very popular item for off-road enthusiasts and we have many different options in light bars, bed bars, and bumpers designed to add an array of lighting on all four corners of the new Raptor.”

And There’s More to Come…

Still want more? N-FAB has a few different tire carriers to add and relocate a full size spare tire. “It’s not going to do anyone much good if you’re stuck and the spare is buried under the truck,” said Fichter. To be sure, N-FAB isn’t just some fly-by-night company looking to make a quick buck in a crowded industry. They have spent the last two decades deeply entrenched in the off-roading culture. N-FAB sponsors teams and individuals in action sports, off-road racing, Motorcross, and Supercross, putting their money where their mouth is and giving back to a loyal base.

Furthermore, Fichter is a source to be trusted since he owns three himself. “I am committed,” he says, “to the ongoing pursuit of building cool products that take the Raptor to the next level in looks and performance. ”It’s easy to take any dumpy old SUV that’s past its prime years and spruce it up with some flashy new parts. It’s trickier, however, to improve upon something like a Ford Raptor.

Making Something Great Even Greater

The greatest painter in the world could put the most beautiful mustache imaginable on the Mona Lisa and Da Vinci’s masterpiece would be ruined. But N-FAB isn’t painting any mustaches. They are producing the highest-quality parts to match the highest-quality vehicles, increasing the overall appeal of something that is already insanely appealing. It’s a lofty objective, and their growth and success continues to show just how able they are at amending Ford’s greatest work of truck artistry.

We know how the Mona Lisa really got her smile—seeing her main squeeze pull up in a Raptor with sleek N-FAB side steps and a shiny new light bar tearing down the hillside.

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