MORryde Jeep® Products – Perfect Match for Those Who Wander

If forced to summarize the Jeep® Lifestyle in one word, ‘adventure’ would be near the top of the list.  The good folks at MORryde understand Jeepers and their desire to make adventures last as long as possible. MORryde’s passion for solving problems makes them a perfect match for those of us who wander.  And let’s face it; Jeep owners have a certain knack for finding adversity. Here are a few examples of how MORyde Jeep lifestyle products can solve issues that plague the modern Jeep owner.

Problem #1. Lack of locking storage.

Example: My wife and I are headed out for a trail ride, hauling our bikes with our Jeep to our favorite trailhead. We join the discussion already in progress…

Me: Shug, (my pet name for her) you ready to go?

Lisa: I sure am Deej, (her nickname for me )…should I take my purse?

If this were any other vehicle, would she even be asking the question? No, of course not. But my two-door Wrangler has limited space and zero locking storage. Her purse would be up for grabs.

Solution: StoreGate.

StoreGate by MORryde is available in no-drill applications for the JK and TJ Wrangler.  In minutes it can be mounted inside the tailgate and provides trunk-like security for precious items. The aluminum door doubles as a shelf and can support 35 lbs., and there are two cup holders molded into the top of the unit. It’s an ideal place to set your YETI Rambler™ without risking it sliding off your fender onto the trail. StoreGate is also available in a non-locking netted version, providing visibility, easy access and organization for supplies or trail tools.

MORyde Jeep lifestyle products
StoreGate Open
MORyde Jeep lifestyle products
StoreGate Closed

Problem #2. Inability to carry a full-size spare without changing rear bumper.

35” tires on 20” rims (or any large wheel and tire combinations) present a daunting challenge to the Wrangler’s factory tailgate hinges, as they bear all the weight when you swing open the tailgate. Try opening one on an incline with all that mass back there and you had better have your bike helmet on…

Solution: Heavy-Duty Tailgate Hinges

MORryde has designed a modular system that is designed for longevity and durability.  The beefed-up hinge features greaseable bronze bushings and a 3/8” stainless steel hinge pin. For the ultimate in strength, you can add their Tailgate Reinforcement and Spare Tire Carrier, providing strength for spares up to 40”!

Check out the video below for a walk-through of these two problem solvers, demonstrated by Ryan Wertz, Account Manager for MORryde International.

Fired up to beef up your tailgate and you still haven’t decide on rims? Perhaps Grid-Off Road‘s new GD series wheels fit the bill…

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