Let’s Play “You Know It’s Hump Day When…”

Wednesday: the middle finger of the work week. Just when you think you’ve survived Monday by being slightly less tired and minimally more productive on Tuesday, BLAM—Wednesday is there to smack you right in the face. Meetings, paperwork, needy customers, appointments, and all those emails you’ve been ignoring for the past two days. No fun happy hour specials like Thirsty Thursday. No sweet restaurant deals like Taco Tuesday. Just Wednesday. A bland plateau that laughs in the face of your weekend plans. So, in the spirit of universal gripes and Wednesday blues, let’s play “You know it’s hump day when…”

The Hump Day Countdown

  • You’re wide awake at 5 am, and the alarm is set for 6 am.
  • You can’t get the canned company greeting out of your mouth before an angry customer shouts, “I WANT TO TALK TO A MANAGER RIGHT NOW.”
  • You hear the words “But Google said…”
  • “I bought this on eBay, can you install it?”
  • You have 7 customers in line….to return product.
  • The job is finished and you have a left over part.
  • You have an angry customer demanding compensation for a blown head gasket, caused by the headlight bulb you sold him in January.
  • “What do you mean you don’t stock hubcaps for my AMC Gremlin?”
  • You find yourself meditating to the on-hold music.
  • The worst maintained car you’ve seen in years rolls in and the customer wants it “back on the road today.”
  • You dropped a bolt in the engine compartment… and it didn’t hit the floor.
  • Every tool set you own is missing the 10mm socket.
  • Your most promising customer of the day was a two-hour discussion about performance upgrades… to a 1972 Opel GT.
  • You finally have time to stop for breakfast before work, only to find your sales rep waiting for you with a box of Krispy Kreme.
  • The local watering hole has a shot and a beer waiting for you at 5:01 pm.

C’mon, we know you want to participate in the fun. Share your favorite “You know it’s hump day when…” thoughts in the comments section below. 

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