Husky Towing and Scissor Jacks Safety

If you’re the owner of a trailer, you already know that you’re going to need jacks to lift and level the front end of it. Investing in an expensive set of electric jacks may not always be an option, or even necessary. A set of scissor jacks is ideal for something like a small travel or utility trailer. Sure, they may be smaller in comparison to others, but that doesn’t mean they are any less capable. In addition to their ease of use and affordability, they stow away discreetly to the frame of the vehicle. And with universal mounting systems, they are quick to install and are naturally a harder target for thieves to spot.

The operation of scissor jacks is super simple. No, it’s not as easy as pressing a button while sipping a margarita, but it’s not back-breaking work either. All you need to do is unwind the jack by turning the lift key until the desired lift height is attained. For storage, it’s the exact opposite; simply unwind the jack until it’s folded up neatly against the frame of the trailer.


Now, scissor jacks check a lot of boxes for users, but they come with some baggage. Like any jack, there are safety concerns. In fact, there are plenty of stories about scissor jacks easily toppling over, leading to catastrophic results. Tiny Home Builders has this to say about scissor jacks: “This design is perfect for a car in need of a tire change, or even an RV where it will just be jacked up for the weekend, but it’s not a long-term solution. If fact, if you read through several car forums, it’s not difficult to find stories of them collapsing. For this reason, you should not be getting under any vehicle or heavy load, including a tiny house, that is only supported by scissor jacks.”

The truth is, this advice rings true with those expensive, high-end electric jacks too. All trailer jacks are subjected to toppling. In most cases, this is a result of improper use of the jacks. Whether they aren’t deployed correctly or aren’t properly supported, all jacks can fail. With that said, whatever your intended use of the jacks may be, use your head and take proper safety precautions. Make sure the units have a proper foundation to lift with. In cases where prolonged storage or maintenance is on the agenda, be sure to use the proper devices rather than the jacks themselves.

Use a Trusted Brand

Husky Towing is a company that answers the demands of almost all towing applications. Recently they started producing scissor jacks for trailers. A growing brand in the trailer industry, they bring a quality product to the table at a reasonable price point. Their product line ranges from hitch balls all the way to fifth wheel hitches and everything in between. Since lifting and leveling trailers is of upmost importance, it’s fitting that Husky Towing launched its own line of scissor jacks.

Husky Towing manufactures three different kinds at two different heights. Their Economical scissor jack offers a 24” lift height with a 5,000 lb. weight capacity. Their Stabilizing scissor jack can also lift 5,000 lbs., but it extends up to 30”. They do offer a heavy-duty option, which can lift up to 7,500 lbs., but it shares the 24” lift height with the Economical model.

The mounting pads on Husky’s scissor jacks are universal. They have bolt patterns that are compatible with both front and rear bolt-on applications. Husky Towing proudly highlights their new scissor jacks as both easy to install and easy to use. After all, no one wants to spend more time than they need to underneath a trailer. When fully retracted, they are concealed so you won’t be staring at the jacks hanging awkwardly from the frame. Husky Towing does recommend the scissor jacks be used for frame to ground clearance and covers them with a solid two year warranty.

As a proud supplier of trusted towing accessories, consumers can depend on this brand for a variety of towing needs. Whether it’s for camping, utility, or even hauling a boat, Husky has everything you require to get haulin’.

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