Gibson Performance Exhaust: Built By Enthusiasts For Enthusiasts

Trying to argue that another name reigns king in terms of aftermarket exhaust systems for the 4×4 and truck community is like arm wrestling Stallone in Over the Top and expecting to win. Gibson Performance Exhaust is the go-to brand for many enthusiasts and builders, and for many reasons. Whether it’s performance, sound quality, installation, or price point—they’re a solid champion contender.

What’s Gibson Got?

Gibson Performance Exhaust really is a name that 4×4 and diesel truck owners hold on high. And while this may be the company’s most prominent following, it’s far from the only market it serves. The company has systems and solutions for popular SUVs, American muscle cars, Jeeps, side-by-sides, and even marine applications. Basically, wherever you can find an engine, you can find Gibson.

Gibson’s main course may be exhaust, but there’s a lot more on the menu. Systems are available in dual, axle back, and cat-back configurations, as well as a variety of design series like the “Black Elite,” “Patriot,” and “Metal Mulisha.” Customers can choose headers, mufflers, exhaust tips, and exhaust accessories in different fits and finishes.

A Good Story

Without question, we can all agree that Gibson Performance Exhaust is a big player in the automotive aftermarket, but this company’s heritage is what truly sets it apart. See, those who get their start in a popular part of the industry have a lot of access to tried-and-true methods. It’s a little like bandwagon riding. But when you step off that path and have to find your own way, spending countless hours through trial and error, well, you become a trailblazer—gaining knowledge and experience, as well as respect from others.

Gibson Performance Exhaust was born when owner Ron Gibson and wife Julie wanted more performance out of their motorhome. And so, they set out to develop a system that provided more power and less cabin noise, was easy-to-install, and had long-term durability. While today that might not seem like a huge challenge, 25 years ago—back in the days before the benefits of the World Wide Web—it wasn’t exactly an easy task. But they did it. They carved their own little path in the world of performance and created something new.

With humble roots in motorhome exhaust systems, Gibson Performance Exhaust has grown into a leading brand serving several markets, including UTV.
“We don’t just make cool product, we use our products. Built by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.” -Gibson Performance Exhaust

After some time, their friends realized what they’d accomplished and came knocking. Only they were interested in performance exhaust systems for 4×4 applications, not RVs. The Gibsons shifted gears, hired a team, and got to work. And once again, they did it. They carved another new path, and following it led them to the success they enjoy today—as the industry’s #1 leading manufacturer of street legal, high-performance exhaust systems. And they continue to impress, with impressive stainless steel parts, performance gains that go above and beyond demands, a quality fit, and the fact that their product is 50-state emissions compliant.

Big Names

If you want to know what puts this company on top of the food chain, you simply need to look around you. If you don’t know the name Brian Deegan by now, A) you’re living under a rock and B) not paying nearly enough attention to the world of off-road racing. With major presence in trophy truck racing and motocross, Deegan is one of the founding members of Metal Mulisha, a majorly recognized action sports brand.

Gibson Performance Exhaust sponsors Brian Deegan and the Metal Mulisha brand.

Gibson is a proud sponsor of Deegan and this sponsorship led to one of its more popular lines of exhaust systems and tips. With maximum horsepower and torque gain, this series features durable stainless steel tubing and Gibson’s loudest SuperFlow muffler. Available for both gas and diesel applications, the system is finished with the trademark Metal Mulisha skull logo wrapped around a black ceramic exhaust tip. With big block sound and an edgy design, Gibson claims it’s the most aggressive exhaust system available.

A Cut Above

There are a lot of brands out there in the world of exhaust systems; many of which provide great sound, power gains, and quality materials. What differentiates Gibson? In addition to their killer designs, what you may not know about Gibson is that they only have one building for operations, and this includes production. So, what does this tell us about the brand? Well, when you put top engineers and technicians under one roof you receive laser focus in terms of product design and execution. The attention to detail required can never get lost in translation, meaning every fine detail on the drafting table appears in the final product. Additionally, all Gibson products are proudly made in the USA and backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Constant Innovation

For 2018, Gibson Performance Exhaust introduced its Patriot Series. Constructed of stainless steel and American pride, the system follows the signature Gibson method in terms of flow and sound, adding a symbol of the waving flag affixed to premium-finished black ceramic exhaust tips.

Recently, Gibson introduced kits for the 2019 RAM 1500, Motor Trend’s Truck of the Year. With average performance gains of 15-20 horsepower, it promises to “push the boundaries of what you think a truck exhaust can be.” Constructed of stainless steel with an easy bolt-on design, it ensures a well-engineered and good-looking exhaust upgrade for enthusiasts seeking a throaty growl for their new ride.

Gibson Performance Exhaust recently introduced kits for the 2019 RAM 1500, Motor Trend’s Truck of the Year.

And not to be left out from one of the fastest-growing market segments, Gibson’s exhaust upgrades for the 2019 Wrangler JL have also recently graced retailer shelves. Specially designed with off-road demands in mind, the Cat-Back Dual Split exhaust system is mandrel-bent to ensure quality performance while the dual rear exhaust tips give a great balanced look and sit high enough to clear trail obstacles. Adding power and low-end torque, this system both looks and sounds exciting.

Gibson Performance Exhaust remains a family owned and operated company that’s proud of its roots and committed to American craftsmanship—providing performance and sound unlike anyone else on the market.

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