JL Lift Kit – Rubicon Express 2.0 System

The desire to run bigger tires and wheels is the driving force behind the sales of lift kits, and the 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL is sure to be a popular platform for suspension upgrades. The JL is in its infancy regarding its life cycle. However, aftermarket manufacturers have been hard at work to get lift kits to market for the new Wrangler. Easter Jeep Safari, the annual “Mecca” of Jeepdom held annually in Moab, Utah, has accelerated this process.  If you’re lucky to be among the Red Rock 4-Wheelers and Jeep revelers this year, you may catch a glimpse of the subject of today’s post in action. Introducing the 2.0 lift kit for the 2018 JL Wrangler

JL Lift Kit – If It Ain’t Broke…

If you drive a lifted JK and you haven’t test driven a JL, keep it that way. Don’t do it to yourself,  your family, or your bank account. Just walk away. Because once you experience the butter-smooth (for a Jeep) ride and handling of the JL’s suspension, you’ll be tapping into Junior’s college fund. For those that already own a JL and know how great it rides, you might be skeptical about a lift ruining your ride quality.  No worries as Rubicon Express has been an innovator and authority in Jeep suspension.  They recognize that FCA got it right with the new JL, so the best way to get larger tires underneath your new Wrangler is with a spacer lift.

Coil Spacers added to the new JL in this 2″ JL lift kit from Rubicon Express give you a nice stance and clearance for 35″ tires. That is, unless you spring for a Rubicon model, in which case you can safely run 37s. Shock absorber extensions, sway bar drops and bump stop extensions retain all of the other finely-tuned suspension components.  Maintaining the factory geometry of the JL Wrangler virtually eliminate the chance of changing your Jeep’s ride characteristics.

JL Lift Kit

The “B” Word

Placing the word “Budget” before certain nouns can sometimes ruin a good thing. For Example:

Water Park =  Yay! Family fun!

Budget Water Park = Amoebic Dysentery

Or how about this one? :

Plastic Surgeon = Look like a Kardashian

Budget Plastic Surgeon = Look like a mannequin

My point here is that the connotation of “budget”, is cheap, or sub-standard. But in Jeep-speak, a budget lift kit from a quality manufacturer like Rubicon Express? That’s akin to looking and feeling like a Kardashian while having fun at a top-flight waterpark. Budget makes a good thing great in this instance. Having money left over for more mods or, you know… your family, is a very good thing. Part # JL7134E, the 2.0 JL Lift Kit from Rubicon Express. Available now.

In the next few weeks, I’ll have lots of JL content to share with you, as a barrage of new items are hitting the market each passing day.  I’ll have exclusive content from Easter Jeep Safari, but until then how about some Nachos?

Meet Nacho. One of the concept Jeeps that will be on the trails in Moab next week. Fiat Chrysler never fails to push the envelope with these builds, and this year is no exception.

JL Lift Kit









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