Brand Spotlight: Ruggable is the Pet-Friendly Solution

We all know it’s not a true vacation unless the whole family is there. And that means ditching the kennel and giving your trusted pal, Scout, the honorific of Front Seat Doggo. Pets bring meaning to our lives. They’re happy to see us, share in our joys, provide comforting wet noses when we’re sad, and are exponentially more tolerable than children. They also pee when excited, vomit when stressed, and make more crumbs than a two year old eating a dry granola bar. Luckily, Ruggable is here with a simple and affordable solution to your pet-stain woes, so you no longer have to worry about compromising smiles per gallon on your next family RV trip.

What is Ruggable?

Ruggable is a two-piece rug system that consists of a washable rug cover and a detachable non-slip pad. (Genius, we know. But wait, it gets better.) This patented product is constructed of non-toxic and naturally flame-resistant materials. It’s cushioned for comfort, but lightweight enough for easy lifting and washing, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas like the cabin of your new trailer or under the awning of your pop-up camper.

What’s more, Ruggable comes in a variety of trendy designs that are… wait for it… STAIN-RESISTANT and PET-FRIENDLY. That’s right friends, just because ol’ Daisy can’t hold it like she used to is no reason to leave her behind! Ruggable products can handle whatever your furry friends throw at them. Nuzzles, scratches, muddy back rubs, drool, hairballs, and more. The cover is waterproof, so both the non-slip pad and the floor of your $150,000 Thor Motorcoach is safe from Daisy’s occassional bladder failures.

Why Should You Consider Ruggable?

Ruggable has hundreds of designs to choose from, in a variety of standard sizes. And more than good-looking, they’re cost-effective too. Consider this stylish 2.5′ x 7′ runner for $139. Similar styles in the same size run anywhere from $65-$200 on other sites and NONE of them are a two-piece system. Most are not waterproof, and even fewer are machine-washable. Additionally, once you buy the non-slip pad (which ranges from $30-$150 depending on how big of a carpet we’re talking), the cost only includes the rug cover. And at Ruggable’s fair prices, you can afford to change out that carpet cover as often as you’d like.

If you’re thinking “Sounds great, but I can buy a cheapie runner for $20 at a superstore and then just throw it out at the end of the season.” Sure, you could do that. But don’t we throw out enough cheap crap already? Wouldn’t it be nice to have something made-to-order with quality, recycled materials that come from a sustainable source, and is constructed by American workers who are paid a living wage? And all for less than the price of a nice steak dinner for two? Just saying.

Additionally, once you pack up that RV for the season, there’s no need to toss away or pack up your Ruggable as well. Toss that baby in the wash and use it somewhere in your house. Because Ruggable’s products are so easy to clean, you won’t have to worry about bringing home any strange allergens or tiny-legged creatures. That means that your little nephew Timmy, who your sister swears is allergic to “all environmental toxins,” and Sir Whiskers, the light of your life, can both enjoy the soft plush carpeting to their heart’s content.

Still Not Convinced?

Aftermarket suppliers are jumping on the Ruggable bandwagon, seeing not only potential profit but happy customers as well. “We’re pleased to include Ruggable as part of our vast line of RV aftermarket products,” said Ron Weatrowski, Category Manager at NTP-STAG. “The product offers creative solutions that transition from RV and travel trailer use to home and outdoors. Furthermore, our exclusive relationship with Ruggable highlights our commitment to aligning our customers with the right product at the right value,” he added.

Michael Malm, Executive VP of Ruggable’s parent company, Crystal Art Gallery, echoed Weatrowski’s enthusiasm, saying “Because this patented solution allows the consumer to be able to peel the top of the rug off of the non-slip base for easy cleaning in a home washer and dryer, we feel confident that RV owners will embrace this new format rug as standard equipment in every RV across the country. It will make clean up after a trip so much easier and is an especially good solution for those consumers with pets.”

We couldn’t agree more, guys. And what’s more, pets across America are raising a paw in thanks. Now our four-legged friends can join the family togetherness of RV travel without the hassle of suspicious stains and puddles because, hey, the washer can handle the heavy cleaning on this one! So check out what Ruggable has to offer and show your pet some love.

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