Auto Industry News: Dodge Viper, 2019 Raptor, the Cross Orchards Antique Truck Show & More

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The Dodge Viper is back! Er, again…? Classic rides of days gone by are popping up at the Cross Orchards Antique Truck Show. And the 2019 Raptor brings the model back with some snazzy new upgrades. It’s a week full of comebacks and callbacks for those with a need for speed and a love of classics.

Dodge Viper Comeback Tour

According to early reports, the infamous Dodge Viper will make ANOTHER comeback to the market (expected 2021). Chrysler initially discontinued the car in 2009, putting an end to what many sports car enthusiasts considered a respectable era. But then the Viper had another run from 2010 to 2017, crushing hearts yet again. And yet, the sport icon became what is known as a “zombie car,” reportedly clocking 11 sales of the 2017 model this year. Is this just cause for full-blown, revamped production? That’s up to the people to decide. And it’s not the Viper of old, either. The Viper dropped two cylinders meaning the V-10 is now a V8 Hemi. To some, the steep drop from 640 to 550 horsepower may just be too severe.

2019 Raptor Adds New Options

The Raptor F-150 is back, too, and it comes with some new toys. For one thing, the 2019 Raptor is adding three new color options: Ford Performance Blue, Velocity Blue, and Agate Black. (Ford Performance Blue was the color seen on the concept and is exclusive to the Raptor.) But more importantly, the Raptor has vamped up its off road performance. Though the Raptor has had Fox shocks since its 2010 inception, it will switch to the company’s electronically controlled live-valve Racing Shox with infinite compressions for continuous damping. The 2019 Raptor is no longer just a speedster but is also now a certified bruiser.

Cross Orchards Antique Truck Show

But if you really want to see some wild resurrections, this is the auto show for you. The American Truck Historical Society, with the help of Cross Orchards Historic Sites of Western Colorado, is celebrating the rich history of trucks this week. And not just pickups—the historical society prides itself in its variety of vehicles that drive America and have done so over decades.

Trucks on display this weekend will range from Cross Orchards’ legendary 1917 Model T up to the modern day semi-trucks still in service. There are even RVs, buses, and military vehicles on site. And the American Truck Historical Society will have automotive experts on hand, making the $5 admission well worth a lifetime of knowledge.

’66 Volvo Amazon Wagon/BMW E30 Swap

Here’s a project car more than fit for show season. Adam Norris decided to put some TLC into not one, but two different vehicles, combining them into a heart-stopping luxury whip. He had initially started on a ’66 Volvo Amazon, converting it from a four-door to a two-door wagon. Though he was successful with this, he still couldn’t get many of the old Volvo parts to run. So rather than replacing them all, he sought a working car with similar dimensions. Enter the 1986 BMW E30. Keep in mind, Norris did all of this in his driveway, and like one of those Re-Bath commercials, slid the Amazon body onto the E30 chassis. Obviously, it was more complex than that but with some slick welding work to account for a very minor mismatch in the vehicles’ wheelbases, he Frankensteined an absolute beaut!

Around the Circuit

In NASCAR, Kyle Busch dominated every stage to win the Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte. Notch another for the veteran who has been having a beautiful season. Not only did he dominate the field, but he leads the Cup standings in overall points. Joey Logano sits second and the red hot Kevin Harvick is third.

Danica Patrick’s final professional race certainly did not go as planned. The oft polarizing driver, who started seventh at the Indianapolis 500, did not even finish the race. Patrick blew a tire, spun out, and crashed at the opposite side of the track. She walked away without any serious injuries, but it certainly wasn’t what the 36-year-old envisioned for her finale, especially after crashing out at Daytona.

Australian driver Will Power captured the checkered flag. He took the lead with four laps remaining and fought the field off. It is his first career victory at Indy.

Say Thanks

Remember, the joy of driving lies in the freedom of the open road. So in the spirit of Memorial Day, take some time to give thanks to the men and women who make that freedom possible. Check social media or your local newspaper to see if there are any auto events in support of those who’ve served. Like this one in Milwaukee, for instance. On Sunday, June 3, Five O’ Clock Steakhouse will host its Fifth Annual Vintage Car Show with proceeds benefiting the Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative.

What is your city doing to give back? Let us know in the comments! Remember to like and share.

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