Fab Fours Ford Raptor Aero Series Bumpers

Try to say the first three words of this article’s title 5x fast!  Fab Fours Ford.  It’s a mouthful.  Good thing Ford doesn’t make the 4Runner.  Tongue twisters aside, Fab Fours has established quite a reputation for building some outlandish things.  If you haven’t seen The Kymera or The Legend, please go look at these beasts before reading any more.  And it’s not just their builds that venture into the extreme.  Fab Fours’ consumer products like the Grumper, Vicowl, and Tube Doors push design to the absolute limit.  So when the company rolled out their new Aero Series Ford Raptor Bumpers–they seemed a bit tame when compared to what I was used to.  Beautiful nonetheless, but just not quite as over-the-top as other products in their lineup.  But make no mistake, this bumper is extreme in a different way–EXTREMELY LIGHT.

The metal front bumper (without hoop or pre-runner guard) for my personal FJ Cruiser weighs 105 pounds.  This seems to be the going rate for aftermarket bumpers.  But the front and rear Aero Series Bumpers for the Ford Raptor weigh an unheard of 45 lbs. each.  That’s an INCREDIBLE 57% less than my own!  What does this weight reduction mean for you?  Well, this savings provide you with an unchanged driving dynamic.  There’s no need for you to go out and get a super-stiff suspension setup (another tongue twister) just to support the weight of your front/rear end.  The Aero Series Raptor bumpers also come with a bevy of features you’d expect from a name like Fab Fours:


  • Open design provides greater tire clearance
  • Retains factory skid plate
  • Fits high and tight to the vehicle’s contour
  • Allows for an integrated 20″ Rigid Industries light bar
  • Optional relocation bracket to retain factory technology
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Only 45 lbs. without guard/55 lbs. with pre-runner guard


Aero Rear Bumper

  • Hybrid design
  • Pre-cut openings for factory sensors
  • Retains OEM receiver hitch and wiring locations
  • Sensor optimization for suspension lifts
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