Fours Doors? Of Course! New JK Tube Doors From Fab Fours

Futuristic And Fabulous

Fab Forus isn’t messing around. They aren’t just dipping their toes into the “Jeep Futurist” pool. They’re slugging a mouthful of Bacardi 151, ditching their swim trunks and doing a flaming cannonball into the deep end.  Their all-out assault on urban shopping centers and off-road parts unknown continues with their latest and most unique offering for the JK Wrangler. Presenting full JK Tube Doors from Fab Fours.

You Mad, Bro?

Flip through this month’s JP Magazine and you’ll come across the Fab Fours JK advertisement. The Jeep looks like something right out the mind of George Miller. A closer look at this otherworldly Jeep is needed to notice the new addition. Part numbers JK1030-1 (front pair) and JK1031-1 (rear pair) represent the new full tube doors. Available now, these doors are unlike any we’ve ever seen, from anyone. Ever.

Aggressive styling is the angle that Fab Four’s is playing with all of their JK accessories, The Grumper, ViCowl and Fender System all declare their arrival in a very confident fashion. The new tube doors are the ideal compliment to the family, and yet would look excellent on a stock Jeep. The tube doors from Fab Fours hit hard on three line-items: style, security, and serenity.

Full Surround Tubing is the most notably new feature. The 1.5″ tubing runs the entire perimeter of the door opening, making it much more substantial than traditional half-style tube doors.  Visibility isn’t compromised in the least as there is an ample opening to preserve the open-air experience. Each door features an integrated SunVisor to help shield passengers from sunlight, but the edgy look is all Fab Fours.

No Rattle, Baby

The knock on this type of door (see what I did there?) is that they are noisy. Traditional tube doors on bumpy roads and trails elicit a steel on steel cacophony that can become downright annoying over time. Fab Fours’s design improves contact points with the Jeep’s body, making them the quietest and most solid feeling tube doors I have ever felt.

JK Tube Doors Part Listing / Images

JK Tube DoorsJK Tube Doors

JK1030-1 Front Pair

JK1031-1 Rear Pair


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