Auto Industry News: Bloodhound and Super Snake Up for Sale, 2020 Silverado HD Makes Waves, & Getting Ready for Detroit

This week, enthusiasts’ dream garages get bigger as vehicles both old and new, strange and traditional, are debuted, released, or up for sale. The supersonic landspeed-hopeful Bloodhound and drool-worthy one-of-a-kind Shelby GT500 Super Snake hit the market. The 2020 Silverado HD has heads turning… and then shaking in disapproval. And 750+ cars will be on display at the Detroit Auto Show in January, with 30 vehicle unveilings planned.

Bloodhound Loses the Scent

How expensive is your death wish? Well, if you’re the son of a CEO and your dream is to go out in a blaze of glory while simultaneously breaking the speed of sound, you are in serious luck. After its elaborate marketing plan collapsed, the land-speed-record-hopeful Bloodhound supersonic car is hitting the market early.

You might remember previous coverage about this 1,000-mph maverick and the $30 million campaign to get the actual record-breaking part of its mission off the ground. But recent news indicates that Bloodhound Programme Ltd has filed for bankruptcy, and the vehicle, which is not yet capable of hitting 1,000 mph, is available for approximately $300,000. The land speed record of 763 mph set by Thrust SSC in 1997 needs dethroning. So, which one of you rich kids is up for the challenge?

2020 Silverado HD, What The Heck Are You Doing?

In a very strange ploy to step into its future—or lack thereof, thanks to GM’s massive and impending layoffs—Chevy gave the public a look at the 2020 Silverado HD. So let’s get right to it: this thing is just about as ugly as it gets, and people in the biz have had no reservations expressing that.

The looks of the 2020 Silverado HD definitely have audiences divided.

Not only does this truck’s grille look like Wile E. Coyote’s face after being crushed by a falling boulder, its confounding build is beginning to overshadow the promotion of the 2019 model— a year boasting complete overhaul and new direction for the platform. Time will provide a fuller look at this move, why Chevy made it, and if it will actually work. But the 2020 Silverado HD has at least some upside, considering the truck might have a turbodiesel V8 with 910 lb-feet of torque and supposedly improved trailering tech. Keep the future weird!

A Truly Unique Auction Piece for Ford

The final Mecum Auction of 2018 just passed last week, selling $8.7 million—the highest total since selling $10 million in March 2016. That benchmark might not last very long, however. The 2019 season kicks off in Kissimmee Jan 3-13 and the ONLY 1967 Shelby GT500 Super Snake in existence will be up for auction, expected to go for over $1 million. The Super Snake has a GT40 Mk II 427 engine crafted specifically for this car, generating over 800 horsepower.

The Super Snake was purpose-built as part of a promotion for Goodyear Thunderbolt tires. Driven for 500 miles at an average speed of 142 mph (with top speeds of 170 mph), the tires retained 97% of their original tread proving their durability and the Super Snake’s desirability. Shelby intended to build more of these crown jewels but when Ford saw the price tag, the project was nixed. Mecum reports that the prototype sold in August 1967 for $5,000, so it’s safe to assume an investment in this supercar will only grow. This car is one of a kind and LITERALLY one of a kind.

Detroit Auto Show Preview

Many automakers will choose to show off their latest projects at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show. The show is a perennial preview opportunity, with this year’s show running January 19 – 27. With most press release slots dominated by Japanese brands, only Cadillac, Ford, and RAM will represent Detroit at the city’s show. Volkswagen is the only European brand to speak, likely continuing the hype of its upcoming electric line.

The Detroit Auto Dealers Association announced it anticipates 30 vehicle reveals—down from 69 last year. While the drop is depressing, the rides set to debut are not. Among those expected are the new Ford Bronco, 2020 Toyota Supra, resurrected Mustang GT500, Cadillac XT6 crossover, Kia Telluride SUV, as well as some next-gen EV concepts from Nissan and INFINITI. Noticeably not attending is the rumored mid-engine Chevy Corvette and polarizing 2020 Silverado HD.

Around the Circuit

Trevor Stewart took home fifth place in the final round of the AMA District 37/FMF Big 6 Grand Prix Series over the weekend. Perhaps a safe play at first glance, but it proved to be a championship-caliber move by the young dirt rider, as it was all he needed to seal the deal for his 2018 Big 6 WCGP title. Stewart squeaked ahead of defending champion Zach Bell (who needed the victory for an overall championship). It is his first championship since winning the WCGP Pro II title in 2015.

In NASCAR news, Karsyn Elledge, the 18-year-old daughter of JR Motorsports co-owner Kelley Earnhardt Miller, Dale Earnhardt Jr’s sister, announced Saturday she will enter her first Chili Bowl this January. Elledge released a hype video via Twitter on the dirt track at Indianapolis Motor Speedway to show that her passion and bloodline have her ready for the challenge. She’ll be racing for Tucker-Boat Motorsports.

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