ATS Diesel Performance is THE CHOICE for Coal Rollers

ATS Diesel Performance is one of the most trusted names in the industry for over two decades. ATS specialists design, engineer, test, and manufacture all extreme duty diesel powertrain and driveline components like intakes, turbos, and transmissions under one roof, in a state-of-the-art facility outside Denver, Colorado.

“Whether you use your truck for towing, off-road, or racing, ATS can provide you with the finest, most reliable, and top-performing products made today,” said the company.

A standard of excellence in innovation, craftsmanship, performance, and reliability means ATS is a top pick by fellow industry professionals, hobbyists, and racing enthusiasts

Let the ATS Builds Speak for Themselves

Each product is crafted by a team of passionate American workers for hardworking American trucks. The end result being some crazy setups. We took the liberty of line-listing a handful of impressive builds that feature ATS Diesel Performance products.

KJ Jones, Project Big White—Performance Improvements on a Budget

“Our early ’95 OBS F-350 is equipped from Ford with essentially the same 7.3L Power Stroke diesel engine as the one introduced in the ’94 model. However, small improvements were made to the engines throughout the OBS era from ’94 to ’98. Additional engine enhancements were introduced with the new-body-style Super Duty rigs for the ’99 model year. The aftermarket also jumped in to offer power-improving parts for the Super Duty. Sadly, not all of them are simple bolt-on upgrades for the 7.3L-powered OBS trucks. With help from the team at ATS Diesel Performance in Arvada, Colorado, we’re modifying Editor KJ Jones’ OBS truck, Big White, with an ATS Aurora 3000 turbo system and several ancillary pieces that will make the old F-350 run better, thanks to more horsepower and torque than it had when it rolled off the assembly line,” said Truck Trend.

Cummins-Powered 2007 Ford F250 – Super Duty Speed and Torque

“Chris wasn’t too fond of the original 6.0L Power Stroke that came in his Super Duty, so he decided to swap in a 6.7L 24-valve Cummins inline-six. Since Chris works at ATS Diesel and is around high-powered diesel trucks every day, he couldn’t just swap in a stock Cummins engine and leave well enough alone. Instead, he mounted a 62mm turbo atop the S475 turbo and added an ATS intercooler along with an ATS three-piece manifold and DDP 100hp injectors to pump out 700 horsepower and 1,586 lb-ft of earth-moving torque,” shared Four Wheeler Magazine on Chris Vorhies’ custom built 2007 F-250.

1999 Ford F-350 – Shark Attack

In 2008, Truck Trend featured an intense Powerstroke-powered ’99 F350 that pummeled competition on the raceway. No Cummins or Duramax swap, and no one saw it coming. The older 7.3-liter received an overhaul top to bottom, including the Aurora 5000 turbo Kit from ATS along with their programmer. The Owner, Sean Porter, shared that he was able to achieve 637 horsepower and over 1,200 pound feet of torque.

Milliken’s Madness: A Back-Country Sleeper Ram

“With the two power-hungry mad scientists hard at work, they managed to get the truck to put down 1,109 hp and 1,900 lb-ft of torque. To help get all that power to the ground safely, a set of CalTracs traction bars, Skyjacker dual steering stabilizer kit, BD Diesel steering brace, MaxxLink anti-sway bars, and Fleece Low Pro shock mounts were all added. With all of this and a single ATS Aurora 5000 turbo, Geiger finally broke into the 10s by running a 10.9 at Bandimere Speedway … Since then, Geiger has upgraded the Industrial Injectors with a set capable of 65 liters per minute and a compound turbo setup utilizing an ATS Aurora 4000 and an ATS Aurora 8000. Proper tuning was achieved with the help of Zack Fuller utilizing EFILive. And with the addition of some nitrous, the diabolical Dodge put down an unbelievable 1,499 hp,” said Diesel Power Magazine.

2006 Dodge Ram 3500 – 766HP Sleeper

“Dennis called ATS Diesel Performance and shipped the truck to its headquarters in Longmont, Colorado. During the month that ATS had the truck, it pulled out the engine and completely rebuilt it. The entire rotating assembly was balanced and blueprinted, and a Fluidampr harmonic damper smoothed out any remaining vibration. After the block was prepped, it was topped with an ATS Tow camshaft, fire rings, and ARP head studs. The twin turbos were upgraded from an Aurora 2000 and 5000 combination to an Aurora 3000 and 5000 duo, which he then combined with fuel from ATS dual CP3 injection pumps and 90hp injectors … When Dennis flew to Denver to pick up the truck, Ranee Elder, of ATS, was there to pick him up from the airport. How is that for service? Needless to say, the drive back from Longmont to Farmington was a quick one,” added Truck Trend.

New Opportunities on the Horizon

“ATS has been serving the light duty diesel market since 1993. We are the only turbo and transmission company with a five-year, 500,000-mile warranty,” said Ryan Gelinas of ATS Diesel Performance. “We are extremely excited to be partnering with a distributor like Keystone Automotive, which specializes in delivering big and bulky. Our ability to design and create the best diesel products right here in the USA, combined with Keystone’s superior logistics will bring dealers and their customers an unparalleled experience,” he added.

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