A Power Package for Your Loved One

A Power Package: The Kinda Gift Enjoyed All Year

The holiday season is upon us, so maybe you want to put a power package together for that special someone. The only problem is you’re not really sure where to start. And it can be a bit intimidating if you yourself aren’t very informed about all-things automotive.

A power package is simply a bundle of upgrades that, when combined, significantly increase performance. When searching for examples, you may come across complex top-end kits from Edelbrock that contain a series of major modifications to greatly change the entire behavior of a vehicles engine. Don’t be overwhelmed though; power packages can be a series of less complex components that add up to be remarkable gains. We’re going to look at a few upgrades that work well in combination with one another in order to help you put the right present under the tree for that special little grease monkey in your life.


From time to time you may have heard that engines are air pumps. It doesn’t matter if it’s diesel gas or even a rotary, this concept is true. Air is taken into the engine, mixed with fuel, and then pushed out after the combustion cycle. The more oxygen you can get into the engine for the combustion, the more power and performance it can make.

This concept makes it easy for you to start thinking about gifts to get the special black thumb in your life. K&N, aFe Power, Airaid, and Volant are all cold air intake manufacturers that offer a wide range of vehicle applications. They have offerings for trucks and cars—both domestic and foreign—and diesel powered or gas. So, when starting to put a power package together, be sure to take a look at what they have to offer for your gearhead’s ride.

For older cars, you can pick up an intake manifold as well. If you’re unsure of the specifics, talk to a professional for help, but know that a premium brand like Edelbrock provides superior performance upgrades both on the track and the street. This makes your life much easier. Another sure way to make him smile at Christmastime, an air cleaner from Edelbrock.


Moving air out of the engine is just as important as it is to cram it in there. Wider exhaust pipes assist with air flow and make for a much better exhaust sound. Magnaflow is a brand that is one of the absolute best in the business. They offer kits for just about every application under the sun. Borla also just blew everyone away with the introduction of their new crate mufflers. These units have been custom tailored to specific engines in order to create the best note possible. This type of power package mod is always a perfect gift. Not only does it improve the rumble of their beat, but the giant boxes look great wrapped up under a tree.

Computer Programmers

Programmers and tuners are ideal options for anything late model. DiabloSport, Superchips, Bullydog, and Edge are just a few of the brands on the market that offer up excellent product. These units are designed to reprogram the ECU at the touch of a button. Not only will they boost performance, but also will improve the vehicle’s ability to take advantage of the other modifications in your power package.

Oils & Additives

It’s detrimental to power to add a whole bunch of performance parts to an engine with old fluids in it. Oil is more important to power and performance than most understand. Having the right oil in an engine will not only make for proper operation, but also allows for more consistent performance. It will even prolong the life of the motor. When shopping for the oil itself, don’t be shy grab the good stuff like Mobil 1, Motul, or Royal Purple.

Lucas Oil offers a variety of oil and fuel additives to consider as well. Cleaners are always an excellent choice, as carbon deposits and dirt can accumulate in the engine over time. These can cause the engine’s performance capabilities to drop. They may even destroy the engine entirely.

So, needless to say, throwing these in the bundle is just as important to ensure your power package modifications weren’t made in vein.

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