aFe POWER Scorcher HD And GT – Power To Fly, On The Fly

Turbochargers. They used to be so mysterious, found on only the highest-end vehicles or custom builds. Nowadays, they’re like Chipotle and pretty much everywhere.  The proliferation of the turbo is as much about fuel economy as it is performance. Making small engines create big power appeases the driver enthusiast. However, OEMs know that getting better than 8 mpg at the pump isn’t just nice – it’s mandated. Turbochargers accomplish both feats. If you drive a turbo diesel truck or a turbocharged gas vehicle, you may be able to get even more performance from your boosted engine. Power is available on the fly with Scorcher HD and GT from aFe POWER.

With a quick and easy installation of around 30 minutes, anyone can get a boost in performance and throttle response.  With significant power increases and on-the-fly power adjustments, the Scorcher is a no-brainer as one of your first modifications. No worries for dealer maintenance, this module leaves no traceable footprint on the Stock ECU!  Highly reliable and is optimized to work with other AFE products for even more of a BOOST! ” – Chris Turner, Speed and Performance Specialist with Keystone Automotive

Power, available on the fly, with Scorcher HD and GT from aFe POWER

Power, available on the fly, with Scorcher HD and GT from aFe POWER

In just the 30 minutes it takes to install a Scorcher HD (for turbo diesel trucks) or Scorcher GT (gas) one can realize a huge increase in power.  aFe POWER’s Scorchers have a high-quality wire harness and case, featuring factory style connectors. This harness connects to an in-cabin lighted switch that allows the driver to make adjustments.  There’s just a single button on the switch that toggles between four power settings.

When the green light is illuminated, the vehicle is set to stock performance level.  Yellow indicates that Sport mode has been engaged.  Press again and you arrive at Orange, for Sport +. Red might be the color that is synonymous with stop, but red is all go when it comes to Scorcher.  Race mode is activated when the red LED is lighted.


Worry Free Power

Many folks are reluctant to “tune” an engine for more performance out of their daily driver. Most programmers alter the vehicle’s programming.  In the case of many new vehicles this goes against the manufacturers warranty. Scorcher can’t be bothered with the ECU. Scorcher talks directly to the vehicle’s boost pressure sensors. By altering their signals, more boost can be provided on the fly by the Scorchers three performance modes. More turbo boost and increased fuel pressure mean improved performance and low-end torque. How improved? How’s +60 horsepower and +120 lb-ft of torque? Dyno tested in house by aFe, Scorcher delivers real power without the headache of a traditional tuner. What’s even more impressive, is that it does it at the press of a button whenever you need it.

Scorcher is available at your local speed and performance specialist, fitting everything from FIAT to F-150.

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